(SET of 4) Foodie Wooden Coasters


Get a set of 4 coasters at $20! (U.P. $5.50 for 1)

Click the link below if you just want to get a piece!

You can select any designs (can be same designs or all different) to make a set! Email us your preferred designs to hello@wheniwasfour.com or drop us a note during check out.

1. Chicken Rice
2. Satay
3. Hokkien Mee
4. Bak Chor Mee
5. Chilli Crab
6. Char Kway Teow
7. Laksa
8. Roti Prata 
9. Popiah
10. Durian
11. Fancy Gem Biscuit 
12. Ang Ku Kueh
13. Kueh Lapis

Coasters with our local food illustrations and hawker signboards! Add a bit of nostalgic touch to your home!

Measurements & Specifications

Size: 10cm W x 10cm H
Material: Wood
Printing: Digital Full Colour




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