We have been featured on the following magazines!

Style: living, Issue 20, Sep’13 – Feb’14, pg 11-13
featuring our Jotter Book cushion, Calendar notebook, Five stone plushies, Chalkboard notebook

Pathway Magazine, Issue 02, Sep 2013 - Oct 2013, pg 9-10
An interview with wheniwasfour
Weekend Weekly (Hong Kong Magazine), Issue 735, Oct 07 2013, pg 150
featuring our tote bags

Image from Tyrwhitt General Company Facebook page

女友 NvYou, Aug 13, pg 28
Our Jotter Book cushion, Tote bag and Calendar notebook being featured in Old is new article

i-weekly supplement:I love 生活, no. 829, 19 Sep 2013, pg 13 
Our Milk pack cushion and Childhood games coasters being featured in Public Garden 创意满园 article

i-weekly supplement:  I love 生活, no.810, 9 May 2013, pg 10 
An interview with wheniwasfour in the article 买一份甜蜜回忆

4 Feb 2013
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