(3 Badges Mix and Match!) Nostalgic Badges SET



1. Hiro Chocolate Cake
2. Bee Bee
3. Mamee
4. KaKa
5. White Rabbit Sweet
6. Lollipop (Purple or Orange)
7. Good Citizen Pin 好公民 (Red or Turquoise Grid)
8. Bus Ticket Pin (Light pink, light grey, green, yellow)
9. Foodie Flash Card Pin
(Huat Kueh, Teochew Peach-Shaped Kueh, Ang Ku Kueh, Kueh Lapis, Fancy Gem Biscuit, Ice Popsicle, Chwee Kueh, Ice Cream Sandwich, Watermelon, Apple or Durian)
10. Exercise Book Pins
(Chinese Compo, Blue Notebook, Jotter Book, Multiplication & Metric Conversion, 888 Notebook)
11. Milk Pack Pin *OUT OF STOCK*
13. Potong Packaging Pin (Red bean, Yam, Cendol, Durian)

Kindly email us the 3 pins that you hope to get to hello@wheniwasfour.com. :) Can be of all different or same designs.


Measurements & Specifications

Inside Fillings: Polyester Fibre


A handmade product.

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