National Arts Council: The A List

23 Dec 2016

Remember The Time

Youtiao socks, Love ticket, and Jotter Book cushion cover from wheniwasfour are a few items they have chosen to reminisce former Singapore with. Read more here!

The Smart Local

12 Dec 2016

11 Non-Edible Christmas Gifts Under $20 To Buy Your Foodie Friends

Featuring our Youtiao socks (number 7)!

Read more here.


26 Nov 2016

10 Quirky Singaporean Xmas Gift Ideas

Our Good Morning Towel Phone Case and Bao Huat Provision Shop Cushion Cover was featured here!

Channel 8 News

29 July 2016

【流行挖哇WOW】新加坡设计品 市场有多大?

Watch here:

 channel 8 wheniwasfour 2016


5 Jun 2016


早报2016 wheniwasfour

Home & Décor

21 Mar 2016

Local furniture and home accessories brands you must know

Photo shows a small excerpt of their feature, read more here.

home and decor wheniwasfour 2016

The Straits Times

19 March 2016
Design – Life
Designed in Singapore labels take off

Straits Time wheniwasfour 2016 Straits Time wheniwasfour 2016


16 Mar 2016

6 local brands that make & create beautiful products – we really love number 2! (that’s us!)

In a feature, they said: “Remember how things were like when you were four? Whether you’re playing board games while licking your super orange fingers from Super Ring keropok or randomly scribbling something on your triple five notebook, it sure was fun back then. Fortunately, we can revisit some of the nostalgia thanks to wheniwasfour.”

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14 Mar 2016

Why Are We So Obsessed With Gem Biscuits

A whole post about Fancy Gem Biscuits featuring many of wheniwasfour fancy gem products. See what they are here!

December 23, 2016 by wheniwasfour | 小时候