WHENIWASFOUR is a Singapore-based design studio and label that creates local-flavoured lifestyle products.

With a goal of appreciating and embracing day-to-day life's quintessentials and imperfections, wheniwasfour emphasizes on simplicity in every creation. Drawing inspiration from the littlest things in life, our products are created with detail and designed with infinite possibilities in mind.

Wheniwasfour aims to represent the Singaporean demographic that enjoys a slow and balanced lifestyle - one of fun and simple happiness.




The little tot /

She loves to cycle and enjoys the scenery while the cool wind caresses her face. She wishes to grow a bit taller!


Rice bucket /

She loves rice, especially japanese rice. She loves the smell of freshly published books!


Country girl /

She loves to farm and is a hardworking girl. Her farm is always in a perfect state. She’s also a doodle master! 


Many of you have asked why are we named wheniwasfour? We found out that 'Four' is about the age when most children start to have first impressions of the many things, people and places around them. We hope to bring back childhood memories through design and various handmade products.

So let's start reminiscing the good old days!