Media Features


May 2022

Savour BlackBookAsia did an exclusive feature of our products

Mar 2022

Zula featured "The Singapore Love Story" collection that we did in collaboration with Uniqlo

Feb 2022

Wheniwasfour's bak kwa pouch and huat flakes mask were featured by The Straits Times 


Nov 2021 to Mar 2022

Wheniwasfour's Dreamland Carnival at Disney Pop-up was featured by various websites:

Oct 2021

Wheniwasfour was featured on the cover page of The Straits Times' Life.

Oct 2021

Wheniwasfour was featured in <HDB Tai Tai Season 4> and the episode was aired on 4 Oct 2021.

Oct 2021

Girl Style featured our Merlion Plastic Sling Bag

Sep 2021 

Honeycombers featured us as one of the coolest local brands for retail therapy fix

Aug 2021

AsiaOne featured our Merlion sling bag, Jotter Book Kraft sling bag & Good Morning Towel mask   

MeREWARDS's feature 

Aug 2021

Travellution e-magazine featured our Singlish coasters:

July 2021

Wheniwasfour was featured by Visit Singapore as one of the places to shop for local-flavoured souvenirs and gifts.

KAYAK, a global travel search site where users can find great deals on flights, hotels and car rentals, featured us as one of the local attractions in their Singapore Travel Guide.

June 2021

MeREWARDS's feature on the best father's day gifts

May 2021

Visit Singapore's feature on Wheniwasfour's story 

Mar 2021

Expat Living feature on Singapore-theme presents

Mar 2021

Zaobao (早报)'s feature on food-themed related fashion on both their papers and Instagram

Mar 2021 

Cardable's blogpost on uniquely Singapore products

Feb 2021

CNY greetings masks

Jan 2021

Chinese New Year Big Boss Red Packets 



Dec 2020

Pi Pa Gao and Po Chai Pills Door Mat

Aug 2020

Subway collaboration with Wheniwasfour for National Day merchandise 

Aug 2020

Good Citizen Mask and various other designs

July 2020

Good Citizen Mask and various other designs

July 2020

Visit Singapore's feature


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Features in 2019

Wheniwasfour was featured in various publications for the innisfree x wheniwasfour collaboration! Read more about the National Day 2019 Special here:

Today Online

25 July 2019

Cute #SG54 Merch You'll Want To Use Beyond National Day 2019


Hype & Stuff

25 July 2019

innisfree S'pore x wheniwasfour Collectable Pouch & Pins Redeemable In August


Daily Vanity

25 July 2019

Innisfree collaborates with Singaporean artist for first time to launch local-flavoured merchandise



25 July 2019

innisfree x WHENIWASFOUR - Relive childhood memories this National Day 


Hype & Stuff

June 2019

wheniwasfour: Stock Up On Singapore's Nostalgic Snacks Reimagined As Lifestyle Products

Hype & Stuff wrote an amazing article about their experience at wheniwasfour!



10 April 2019

Mamak shop-inspired earrings that look like Mopiko, Paddle Pop & haw flakes available in S'pore featured our Mama Shop earrings in this post, along with other items such as our kopi zine, socks and bak kwa pouch! 

17 Jan 2019 

You can now carry the all-time favorite CNY goodie anywhere and all round the year! 

August 08, 2019 by wheniwasfour | 小时候

Features in 2018

31 July 2018

Our teh dabao bag was featured as one of the must-have Singapore gift items by Singaporemotherhood

June 2018

Wheniwasfour is happy to let you know that we’ve won the Silver prize for Graphic Design in the Singapore Creative Awards 2018! Thank you for your votes and continuous support!

View the other winners here!

wheniwasfour Singapore creative awards 2018

3 Jun 2018



The Strait Times

18 May 2018

Singapore Creative Awards: Vote for your favourite Singapore-inspired design

We are one of the 20 finalists for the Singapore Creative Awards! Read about all the other finalists here!


17 May 2018

Love local: Shop Singapore-inspired home decor and furniture

Thanks Honeycombers for featuring our Singapore-flavoured (Pun intended XD) cushion covers!

13 May 2018


zao bao 2018 wheniwasfourzaobao 2018 wheniwasfour

6 May 2018


zaobao wheniwasfourzao bao wheniwasfour

The Smart Local

2 May 2018

We were featured in this Smart Local video on their Facebook and YouTube, take a look!

Runaway Salmon

9 Mar 2018

This was a locale research presentation project by Ho Si Hui from NTU about Waterloo Centre. Wheniwasfour is happy to be a part of her research project.

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Features in 2017

Vulcan Post

18 Dec 2017

A Brand 8 Years In The Making, And How The Humble Dabao Bag Became Their Claim To Fame


23 Nov 2017

wheniwasfour Serves Up Local Charm

Zyrup wrote an awesome post about our Dabao Bag hype, read it here!

zyrup wheniwasfour 2017


17 Nov 2017

Takeaway Teh Bag Now Available As Real bag

A follow-up article by Mothership when we launched our Tah Dabao Tote bag.

Hype and Stuff

Nov 2017

Wheniwasfour: Stock Up On Singapore’s Nostalgic Snacks Reimagined As Lifestyle products

They came all the way to our store and pick some stuff out! Read it here! 

Mike Shouts

29 Sep 2017

Singapore’s Local Coffee To-Go Carrier Is Now An Actual Bag. Quirky!


26 Sep 2017

You Can Now Dabao Your Thing Anytime With This Kopi-Bag-Inspired Tote

World of Buzz

25 Sep 2017

This Shop Sells the Adorable ‘Kopi Dabao Bag’ & More Local-Themed Items!

They feature our Dabao Bag and a few other items!

Her World

25 Sep 2017

Would You Pay $19.90 To ‘Dabao Your Kopi”?

They said: “There is a tote bag modelled after the old school Kopi bag and guess what – it is completely sold out”

Read more here.


23 Sep 2017

Iconic S’pore takeaway kopi plastic bag is now an actual bag

The article that blew up, making our Dabao Bag sold out in a week! Thank you for all of your support!

Read it here.


23 Sep 2017

You can now buy this kopi takeaway bag. No, we mean a real bag.

A feature on our Kopi Dabao Bag!

Coconuts Singapore

22 Sep 2017

Express your love for takeaway coffee with a takeaway tote bag that looks like a giant kopi dabao

The first article/post about our Kopi Dabao Bag! Read here!

The Fun Social

Aug 2017

Singapore Night Festical 2017: 5 Things You Need To Check Out

The Fun Social wheniwasfour 2017

Capitaland: Let’s Talk Design

Aug 2017

Capitaland did a shout-out to five designers rocking the architecture, fashion, jewellery, lifestyle and craft scenes in Singapore. We are #5!

Read here!

Capitaland wheniwasfour 2017

December 18, 2017 by wheniwasfour | 小时候

Features in 2016

National Arts Council: The A List

23 Dec 2016

Remember The Time

Youtiao socks, Love ticket, and Jotter Book cushion cover from wheniwasfour are a few items they have chosen to reminisce former Singapore with. Read more here!

The Smart Local

12 Dec 2016

11 Non-Edible Christmas Gifts Under $20 To Buy Your Foodie Friends

Featuring our Youtiao socks (number 7)!

Read more here.


26 Nov 2016

10 Quirky Singaporean Xmas Gift Ideas

Our Good Morning Towel Phone Case and Bao Huat Provision Shop Cushion Cover was featured here!

Channel 8 News

29 July 2016

【流行挖哇WOW】新加坡设计品 市场有多大?

Watch here:

 channel 8 wheniwasfour 2016


5 Jun 2016


早报2016 wheniwasfour

Home & Décor

21 Mar 2016

Local furniture and home accessories brands you must know

Photo shows a small excerpt of their feature, read more here.

home and decor wheniwasfour 2016

The Straits Times

19 March 2016
Design – Life
Designed in Singapore labels take off

Straits Time wheniwasfour 2016 Straits Time wheniwasfour 2016


16 Mar 2016

6 local brands that make & create beautiful products – we really love number 2! (that’s us!)

In a feature, they said: “Remember how things were like when you were four? Whether you’re playing board games while licking your super orange fingers from Super Ring keropok or randomly scribbling something on your triple five notebook, it sure was fun back then. Fortunately, we can revisit some of the nostalgia thanks to wheniwasfour.”

Read more here.


14 Mar 2016

Why Are We So Obsessed With Gem Biscuits

A whole post about Fancy Gem Biscuits featuring many of wheniwasfour fancy gem products. See what they are here!

December 23, 2016 by wheniwasfour | 小时候

Features in 2015


5 Aug 2015

Singapore by design: Cool products to celebrate SG50

The Straits Times

11 July 2015
Design – Life
Best of SG50 designs

Straits Times wheniwasfour 2015

The Straits Times

13 Mar 2015

Play kampong games from yesteryear


August 05, 2015 by wheniwasfour | 小时候

Features in 2014


1 Dec 2014

wan bao wheniwasfour 2014

Business Times

9 Aug 2014
Design - Straight from the heart

business times wheniwasfour 2014

A Million Little Echoes Blog

6 Aug 2014

SG50 Giveaway: Wheniwasfour | 小时候

They did a feature post and giveaway for our Zhabalang Board Game

Read it here!


The Straits Times

2 Aug 2014

Uniquely Singapore: 20 ways to celebrate the nation's 49th birthday

They recommended having our temporary tattoos while celebrating Singapore’s 49th birthday!

Read here


《赞》- 本土设计

Aug 2014


17 April 2014

zao bao wheniwasfour 2014zao bao wheniwasfour 2014

Les Jeunes Pousses Blog

28 Mar 2014

December 22, 2014 by wheniwasfour | 小时候

Features in 2013

8 Days Magazine

WHEN I WAS FOUR was featured in this week 8 DAYS magazine! Thank you all for your support, which kept us going and our passion alive! =)

A close-up shot of our Chinese calendar notebook and hand-painted watermelon tote bag!

wheniwasfour 8 days 2013wheniwasfour 8 days content 1wheniwasfour 8 days content 2   

Lian He Zao Bao 联合早报:现在

24 Dec 2013, pg 1

Mediacorp Channel U's 100% Singapore 《百分百新加坡》
16 Dec 2013, 8pm

Wall Street Journal (Scene Asia)
22 Nov 2013
Singapore’s New Wave of Nostalgia by Justin Bergman 

wall street journal wheniwasfour 2013

“One local design studio, with the nostalgic-sounding name When I Was Four, makes canvas tote bags and notebooks decorated with images from grade-school Mandarin grammar books.”

Read the full article here 
07 Oct 2013  
Simple Happiness, All Stitched Up by Tabitha Sim

wheniwasfour connexion 2013 

Weekend Weekly Issue 735 (Hong Kong Magazine)

07 Oct 2013, pg 150
Featuring our tote bags!

weekend weekly wheniwasfour 2013 

i-weekly supplementI love 生活 no. 829

19 Sep 2013, pg 13 
Our Milk pack cushion and Childhood games coasters being featured in Public Garden 创意满园 article!

i-weekly wheniwasfour 2013i-weekly wheniwasfour 2013  

Style: living Issue 20

Sep 2013 – Feb 2014, pg 11-13
Featuring our Jotter Book cushion, Calendar notebook, Five stone plushies, and Chalkboard notebook!

Pathway Magazine Issue 02

Sep 2013 - Oct 2013, pg 9-10
An interview with wheniwasfour
pathway magazine wheniwasfour 2013 


Aug 2013, pg 28
Our Jotter Book cushion, Tote bag and Calendar notebook being featured in the Old Is New article.

The Travelshopa blog
01 Aug 2013
Partying with a personal touch: Stationery, greeting cards and party crafts in Singapore.

travelshoppa wheniwasfour 2013

"Wheniwasfour. For an insight into the childhood memories of the typical Singaporean, wheniwasfour is the perfect go-to place. Taking inspiration from a time when life on the island was a whole lot simpler, the design studio creates handcrafted goods such as accessories, tote bags, note books and post cards that feature old school elements such as five stones (an old children’s game), iced gems (colourful sugar-iced biscuits popular with Singapore children) and chalkboards (a staple at schools once upon a time)."

Read the full article here


24 July 2013

zao bao wheniwasfour 2013 


07 Jul 2013, pg 32
Featuring our tote bag, five stone plushies and rabbit sweet pin

 zaobao wheniwasfour 2013

The HUNT Guides on Facebook
31 May 2013

“Things we love: Singapore design house wheniwasfour's homage to local culture in the form of oh-so-cool old school canvas bags.”

Challenge Magazine: The How To Issue

May/June 2013

challenge magazine wheniwasfour 2013 

i-weekly supplement:  I love 生活 no.810

09 May 2013, pg 10 
An interview with wheniwasfour in the article 买一份甜蜜回忆

i-weekly wheniwasfour 2013 

Chubby Hubby blog
26 Mar 2013
Supporting local talent: When I was four by Mandy

chubby hubby wheniwasfour 2013
Read the full article here 


08 Mar 2013, pg A22
These kueh aren’t for eating featuring our Ang Ku Kueh tote bag!


04 Feb 2013
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Features in 2012

The Straits Times

09 Nov 2012 
Urban section featuring our Jotter book cushion

Mediacorp Channel 8's Silver Carnival – Embracing Life色嘉年之活色生香》
03 Oct 2012, 3.30pm

Home & Décor

Oct 2012

Kopitiam Cup Makeover

home decor wheniwasfour 2012 


28 Aug 2012, pg 7
怀念小时候 featuring our five stone plushies

Mediacorp Channel U's Money Week 财经 
11 Aug 2012, 7pm

The Sunday Times: Life section

01 Jul 2012, pg 3 
Game for nostalgia by Kenneth Goh

November 09, 2012 by wheniwasfour | 小时候

Features in 2011

Culture Push
05 Dec 2011
Spotted! Wheniwasfour by Michelle Adriaens

wheniwasfour culture push feature

Read the full article here


December 05, 2011 by wheniwasfour | 小时候