Newspaper features!

We are being featured on the following newspapers!

Lian He Zao Bao 联合早报:现在, Dec 24 2013, pg 1
Zao bao zhou kan zbW 早报周刊, Jul 7 2013, pg 32
Featuring our tote bag, five stone plushies and rabbit sweet pin

Mypaper, Mar 8 2013, pg A22
These Kueh aren’t for eating featuring our Ang Ku Kueh tote bag

The Straits TimesNov 9 2012 
Urban section featuring our Jotter book cushion

Mypaper, Aug 28 2012, pg 7
怀念小时候 featuring our five stone plushies

The Sunday Times: Life section, Jul 1 2012, pg 3 
Game for nostalgia by Kenneth Goh
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Web features!

We have been featured on the following blogs, journals and Facebook page!

Wall Street Journal (Scene Asia)
Nov 22 2013
Singapore’s New Wave of Nostalgia by Justin Bergman 
“One local design studio, with the nostalgic-sounding name When I Was Four, makes canvas tote bags and notebooks decorated with images from grade-school Mandarin grammar books.”
Read the full article here 
Oct 07 2013  
Simple Happiness, All Stitched Up by Tabitha Sim
Read the full article here 

The Travelshopa blog
Aug 01 2013
Partying with a personal touch: Stationery, greeting cards and party crafts in Singapore.
"Wheniwasfour. For an insight into the childhood memories of the typical Singaporean, wheniwasfour is the perfect go-to place. Taking inspiration from a time when life on the island was a whole lot simpler, the design studio creates handcrafted goods such as accessories, tote bags, note books and post cards that feature old school elements such as five stones (an old children’s game), iced gems (colourful sugar-iced biscuits popular with Singapore children) and chalkboards (a staple at schools once upon a time)."
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The HUNT Guides on Facebook
May 31 2013
“Things we love: Singapore design house wheniwasfour's homage to local culture in the form of oh-so-cool old school canvas bags.”

Chubby Hubby blog
Mar 26 2013
Supporting local talent: When I was four by Mandy

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Culture Push
Dec 05 2011
Spotted! Wheniwasfour by Michelle Adriaens
Read the full article here 
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Magazine features!

We have been featured on the following magazines!

Style: living, Issue 20, Sep’13 – Feb’14, pg 11-13
featuring our Jotter Book cushion, Calendar notebook, Five stone plushies, Chalkboard notebook

Pathway Magazine, Issue 02, Sep 2013 - Oct 2013, pg 9-10
An interview with wheniwasfour
Weekend Weekly (Hong Kong Magazine), Issue 735, Oct 07 2013, pg 150
featuring our tote bags

Image from Tyrwhitt General Company Facebook page

女友 NvYou, Aug 13, pg 28
Our Jotter Book cushion, Tote bag and Calendar notebook being featured in Old is new article

i-weekly supplement:I love 生活, no. 829, 19 Sep 2013, pg 13 
Our Milk pack cushion and Childhood games coasters being featured in Public Garden 创意满园 article

i-weekly supplement:  I love 生活, no.810, 9 May 2013, pg 10 
An interview with wheniwasfour in the article 买一份甜蜜回忆

4 Feb 2013
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Television appearances!

We have been featured on the following TV programmes!

Mediacorp Channel 8's 
Silver Carnival – Embracing Life 《银色嘉年华之活色生香》
on 3 Oct 2012 at 3.30pm

Mediacorp Channel U's 
Money Week 《财经追击》 
on 11 Aug 2012 at 7pm

Mediacorp Channel U's 
100% Singapore 《百分百新加坡》
on 16 Dec 2013 at 8pm

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We are on Straits Times online! Two small photos of us! :D

2 small photos of us at The Straits Times Online! when we are at the Public Garden Flea market together with Singapore Art Festival.

Here's the link to the write-up: More young professionals quitting their jobs to take up crafting

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