Apart from our usual range of quirky products, we also offer customizations for our corporate clients. We help to localize international brands by creating unique and individualized designs and products that speak to the heart and mind of locals. Ranging from bags to pins, we design products specially for campaigns/events to add that touch of local flavor and simple quirkiness!

Write to us at marketing@wheniwasfour.com if you wish to collaborate. We also offer attractive rates to be featured on our social media pages!

Wheniwasfour x Food Junction


Photo credit: Food Junction

Wheniwasfour x Foodpanda x Kuriya


Photo credit: Foodpanda

Wheniwasfour x Uniqlo


Photos credit: Uniqlo

Wheniwasfour x Foodpanda x CHICHA San Chen


Photos credit: Foodpanda

Wheniwasfour x Edith Patisserie


Photos credit: Edith Patisserie 

Wheniwasfour x Super Coffee


Photos credit: Super Coffee 

Wheniwasfour x Disney (Mickey Loves Singapore Pop-up)


Wheniwasfour was appointed as the local artist to design the local-themed room named "Dreamland Carnival" at the Pop-up Disney. Wheniwasfour designed a 40metre mural as well as various installations in the "Dreamland Carnival". 

Wheniwasfour x KDK


Wheniwasfour x Tokyu Hands


Wheniwasfour x Credence



Wheniwasfour x National Arts Council 


Wheniwasfour was once again commissioned by NAC to work on "Arts in Your Neighbourhood" Project.


Wheniwasfour x Manpower




Wheniwasfour x Subway

National Day 2020

To celebrate Singapore’s 55th year of independence, Subway collaborated with Wheniwasfour to bring “KIAP the Freshness!” Featuring Subway’s iconic yellow and green colours, this collaboration plays on the pun of Singlish term, “Kiap” which means to sandwich between. 

This collaboration featured a tote bag with a sandwich design explaining the pun and the tagline, “KIAP the FRESHNESS!”.

image of a person carrying a white tote bag with a print depicting a sandwich and a tagline being kiap the freshness

It also featured a notebook with the design of the sandwich with the tagline, “Confirm Plus Chop FRESH!”.

image of a person pulling a green notebook with a sandwich cartoon character out of a tote bag


Wheniwasfour x innisfree

National Day 2019

Ash, Orchidia, Nocha
(characters inspired by innisfree's top-selling skincare lines) 


To remind Singaporeans of the simplicity of life and the childlike wonder that withstands the test of time, wheniwasfour collaborated with innisfree Singapore to create an inni-memories pouch and three adorable enamel pins. The collaboration aimed to capture the nostalgic Singaporean childhood memory - one of fun, friendships and familiarity.


Wheniwasfour x Raffles City Singapore

National Day 2019

To celebrate the nation’s 54th birthday and to commemorate the bicentennial, wheniwasfour was approached by Raffles City Singapore to design one of two hundred Singa the lions for the “Arts in The City: We Love SINGApore” event. The 好公民 (Good Citizen) Singa was designed to remind us of the valuable life lessons we acquired during our childhood days, and to be resilient, responsible and respectful Singaporeans.


Wheniwasfour x Song Fa Bak Kut Teh

Image result for songfa logo

Inspired by retro advertisements and traditional martial arts, wheniwasfour collaborated with Song Fa Bak Kut Teh to create an assortment of keychains, magnets, pins and coasters to celebrate Song Fa’s 50th anniversary.

Wheniwasfour x Mediacorp

In 2018, Wheniwasfour was approached by Mediacorp to customise pins as part of their charity activation. All proceeds from the sales went to children beneficiaries to aid them in their school necessities. 

Wheniwasfour x Parkway Parade


In commemoration of SG50, Wheniwasfour was engaged by Parkway Parade to design and launch a set of limited edition SG50 ez-link cards.

Wheniwasfour x Faith Community Baptist Church

Wheniwasfour designed a 'golden bao' pin for Faith Community Baptist Church (FCBC). 

Wheniwasfour x Clarke Quay Central



Goodie bag 福袋 Chinese New Year giveaway in Clarke Quay Central mall

Wheniwasfour x OCBC

Wheniwasfour worked with OCBC to create a 'back-to-school' series for SG50.

Wheniwasfour x ParkRoyal

Wheniwasfour was approached by ParkRoyal to design a five stones gift set for their hotel guests. 

Wheniwasfour x National Heritage Board

Wheniwasfour was commissioned by the National Heritage Board to design five stone cushions to commemorate their 20th Anniversary.

Wheniwasfour x Contact Singapore (EDB)

 We worked with Contact Singapore in 2013 to create a series of postcards and canvas tote bags.


We worked with Contact Singapore once again in 2014 to create an old school series of temporary tattoos and post-it note pads.

Wheniwasfour worked with Contact Singapore to create SG50 gifts to commemorate Singapore's 50 years of independence. We created this series as a tribute to our pioneers who painstakingly built Singapore.