Singlish Wooden Coasters


Place these singlish coasters at your home now~~ We have "lah", "meh", lor" and "sia", all commonly used in Singapore. Swee lah! ^.^

"Lah" the most common singlish we often use randomly at the end of our sentence. In some conversations, it can represent anger or pleading in questions.

"Meh" is used often in a question with a slight tone of incredulity.

Similarly to "lah", we often use "sia" at the end of our sentence, usually used to express surprise, disbelief etc.

"Lor" is usually added to the end of a sentence, or paired with another word to express a sense of resignation or reluctance.

You can also get a set of 4 coasters at $20 over the link below~ Buy lah! ;)

Measurements & Specifications

Size: 10cm W x 10cm H
Material: Wood
Printing: Digital Full Colour





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