We work with various festivals and organisations to bring a hint of local flavour to the table. We aim to give our participants and audience a quintessential touch to their events. 

Wheniwasfour x Disney (Mickey Loves Singapore Pop-up)


Wheniwasfour was appointed as the local artist to design the local-themed room named "Dreamland Carnival" at the Pop-up Disney. Wheniwasfour designed a 40metre mural as well as various installations in the "Dreamland Carnival.



National Heritage Board (Bras Basah.Bugis Arts Sprawl)
Chinese Composition Wall

In 2016, wheniwasfour set out to take our neighbourhood down memory lane by recreating our familiar composition paper. Chinese compositions are a nostalgic part of many of our lives and we wanted to bring back the idea of creating (or recreating!) stories in such a way. Participants were invited to pen down their own short stories as they reminisced on their own childhood.

Memory Capsule @ Woodlands Estate
National Arts Council x When I Was Four
Commissioned by the National Arts Council, When I Was Four recreated childhood capsule machines across the Woodlands estate. Each Memory Capsule held a memorabilia of a particular location or food recommendations in Woodlands. Capsule machines, or Gachapon Machines as we all know it, were a childhood favourite amongst the kids of the 90s. Back then, it was a simple joy to drop in a coin and anticipate the surprise that comes our way in the form of a capsule. In the same way, we wanted to recreate such anticipation and excitement in the heartland of Woodlands, getting participants excited about the simple places or things that we pass by daily. 
Chinese Calendar
Arts Sprawl x When I Was Four 
When I Was Four worked with Arts Sprawl during the National Design Week in 2018 to create an old chinese calendar that participants could use as a photo opportunity. Participants were invited to 'enter' the calendar as if they are part of it to remind them that our past is a part of us. Yet, in the present, we are also building our future, that will, inevitably, one day be a part of our history books. In celebration of national day, the calendar was designed to be on 9th August, redesigned with local elements and motifs that represent Singapore. 
Paper Planes, Illuminated Memories
Singapore Night Festival x When I Was Four
When I was Four was commissioned by Night Festival to create an art installation, “Paper Planes, Illuminated Memories”. Paper planes were a common sight in everyone’s classrooms, as most have fond memories of sneakily tossing it behind their teachers' backs. Conversely, many would also be familiar with the feeling of losing one, be it out of the window or stuck to a tree. “Paper Planes, Illuminated Memories” was a tribute to lost airplanes and lost memories while participants were invited to reminisce on the simpler times.