Fancy Gem Biscuit Cushion Cover


Design: Fancy Gem Biscuit

Do they remind you of our kindergarten old school chinese flashcard? ;p Yeap those flashcards are enlarged into cushions! With our originally handpainted nostalgic food printed on it!! :)

A type of old school biscuits topped with brightly coloured icings that are in either green, pink, yellow or white. It is very tempting to just bite off the icing and leaving the bottom biscuit aside. ;)

 Measurements & Specifications

Size of the cushion: 30cm W x 50cm H
(Fits 40 by 65cm Ikea inner cushion or 30 by 50cm Giant inner cushion.)

Material: Premium thick cotton linen, Hidden zip

*Excluding inner cushion

 Illustrated by WHENIWASFOUR



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