Youtiao Cushion Cover


We often separate the 'you tiao' into half when we eat it. Using this concept, we turn them into "Xiao You" and "Xiao Tiao" whom they want to be stuck with each other forever. ^^ 

Brighten up someone's day by giving them our locally-inspired cushion cover to your friends, loved ones or your one and only special person in your life. 

Put a smile on their face today! ^^

Place these cute and quirky Kopitiam Heroes cushions at your home to brighten up your day! Hug them while watching your favourite show now. ^.^


Measurements & Specifications

Size of the cushion: 45cm W x 45cm H
(Fits 50 by 50cm Ikea inner cushion)

Material: Super soft velvet, Hidden zip

*Excluding inner cushion




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