Grateful Mirror Decal Sticker


Product Code: 1-L1-A2

Embrace a mindset of gratitude with the Wheniwasfour Grateful Mirror Decal. This decal showcases the word "Grateful", serving as a heartfelt reminder to appreciate the blessings in your life. Easy to apply and seamlessly blending with any mirror, it creates a serene atmosphere that encourages reflection and gratitude. Elevate your space and nurture your spirit with this impactful decal, infusing your surroundings with positivity and the joy of appreciation.

Measurements & Specifications

- 9 cm (Width) x 15 cm (Height)
- Transparent waterproof decals
- Usable on any smooth surfaces (eg. Car windows & Mirrors)
- Reusable, removable without stains


- Wipe down the surface to rid of any oil or dust
- Peel back a corner of the sticker paper
- Align the decal and slowly peel back the sticker paper while smoothing the decal to the surface

Designed by Wheniwasfour. 


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