We Made It Mirror Decal Sticker


Product Code: 1-L1-A2

Celebrate your resilience and achievements with our "We Made It!"  mirror decal. Featuring the phrase in an inspiring design, this decal serves as a constant reminder of how far you've come. Easy to apply and seamlessly blending with any mirror, it transforms your space into a beacon of positivity. Radiate joy and embrace your accomplishments, big and small, with our "We Made It!" uplifting mirror decal. Elevate your surroundings and let it inspire you to continue reaching for even greater heights.

Measurements & Specifications

- 12 cm (Width) x 15 cm (Height)
- Transparent waterproof decals
- Usable on any smooth surfaces (eg. Car windows & Mirrors)
- Reusable, removable without stains


- Wipe down the surface to rid of any oil or dust
- Peel back a corner of the sticker paper
- Align the decal and slowly peel back the sticker paper while smoothing the decal to the surface

Designed by Wheniwasfour. 


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