Ding Dong Cushion Cover


These are the tidbits that as kids, we often bought during our schooling days. Back then they only cost about 20-50 cents each and were popular staple snacks. Quite a few are hard to find now in the market. Thus, we have decided to bring them back, incorporating familiar characters and lingo like the fortune cat, Cai Shen Ye (Chinese God of Fortune) and ‘huat!’ into our favourite childhood tidbits. Munch away! 

Put these old school snacks cushion at your home to give a retro look and also a talking point for your friends when they come to visit you!


Measurements & Specifications

Size of the cushion cover: 30cm W x 50cm H
(Fits 40 by 65cm Ikea inner cushion)

Material: Super soft velvet, Hidden zip

*Excluding inner cushion




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