Huat Mooncake Sling Bag


Product Code: 3-L2-A3 / Store

Say hello to our Mooncake Kraft Sling Bag — a cute homage to the traditional mooncake brown paper sacks of our past. With the "大发月饼,吃了圆又发" phrase printed on it, it's a piece of history and a guaranteed way to spark warm, festive nostalgia. Bring a bit of heritage with you wherever you head with our one-of-a-kind Mooncake Kraft Sling Bag.

Measurements & Specifications

Size: 25cm x 18cm x 7.5cm (Length x Height x Width) with adjustable strap

Strap Length: 55cm (min) to 110cm (max) 

Strap Drop Length: 27cm (min) to 55cm (max)

Strap Width: 2 cm

Material: Washable Kraft Paper, PU leather strap

Printing: Silkscreen printing

Note: Material is washable but not waterproof.


Designed by Wheniwasfour

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