Pear Keychain Charm


Product Code: 1-R1-I5
Meet our latest keychain charm design: 'We make a great pear!' Elevate your style with our eclectic range of quirky keychain charms, now featuring the newest addition, the charming 'We make a great pear!' design keychain charm. Infuse your bags, keys, and personal belongings with a touch of creative flair. Customize your keychain by adding more charms at discounted prices, empowering your unique personality to shine through with ease.

Buy 3 or more and you can get $4.50 per pc! Discount will be automatically applied upon checking out.

Measurements & Specifications

Material: Acrylic

Size of the charm: 4.5cm x 6cm (Width x Height)


Designed by Wheniwasfour

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