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Zabalang Board Games (3 in 1)

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“ZABALANG” is a Singapore slang that refers to a collection of random items. Wheniwasfour presents a collection of three of our favourite old-school board games, with a unique local twist! The three games are:



The Singaporean culture of "chope"-ing seats during lunch or dinner time is exemplified through The Game of Chope. Using the same rules of the popular childhood game, Aeroplane Chess, play as one of four characters inspired by the quirky attributes of Singaporeans with the aim of claiming your rights to your hawker table. Chope away!



What does an average Singaporean do? Pose on old railroad tracks, queue for limited edition Hello Kitty plush toys and sporadically inhale tons of hazy air. We pay tribute to the qualities and events that define Singaporeans in this classic board game.



Children of the late 70s and 80s grew up sliding down from dragon heads and elephant trunks at old-school playgrounds. As these locally designed playgrounds are few and far between today, we celebrate the simple joys they brought by projecting these playful icons onto an enduring board game, Snakes and Ladders.

By using the Dragon bodies as ladders and Elephant trunks as snakes, this game will evoke fond memories of our childhood.


Gather your family and friends to embark on epic local nostalgic adventures!


Measurements & Specifications

3 Board Game in One

Size of Box: 15cm x 15cm (Width x Height)

Box Cover: 300gsm Maple White Paper

Size of Game Boards: 28cm x 28cm (Width x Height)

Game Board Material: 170gsm Maple White Paper


Set includes game pieces and dice.


Designed by Wheniwasfour. Printed in Singapore.

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