Lor Passport Cover


Product Code: 5-L2-J1

Our Passport Cover incorporates the Singlish expression "Lor" with a delightful cat-inspired twist, symbolizing its blend of acceptance and resignation. This cover not only adds a touch of Singaporean charm to your passport but also offers essential protection, all while sparking conversations at immigration counters. Whether you're an avid Singlish fan or just seeking a one-of-a-kind passport cover, our "Lor" Passport Cover is an ideal choice. It allows you to carry a piece of Singlish "lor" with you on your global journeys, making your passport a unique conversation starter.


Measurements & Specifications

When opened: 20cm x 14.2cm (Width x Height)

When closed: 10cm x 14.2cm (Width x Height)

Material: PU Leather 

Designed by Wheniwasfour

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