We’re bringing 小油 and 小条 back from their mini hiatus! Back with a bigger and better twist, the inseparable duo will be returning to the online and Waterloo store by the end of October!

油条 (Youtiao), also known as dough fritters or you char kway, are long golden-brown deep-fried strips of dough with origins from China. The flaky and crispy texture of youtiao pairs well with both sweet and savoury liquids and are hence traditionally eaten at breakfast as accompaniments for soy milk (豆浆油条) or porridge. In Singapore, the highly absorbent youtiao is often dipped in Bak Kut Teh (Pork Rib Soup) and/or Kopi (Black Coffee).


Origin of 小油 and 小条

The inseparable 小油 and 小条, born through extreme kneading and twisting, found themselves falling into a wok of boiling hot oil on the 22nd of July 2016. The extreme heat and pressure gave the new Kopitiam Heroes a new power - the ability to grow bigger and bigger and BIGGER! 


The two youtiaos developed polar opposite personalities under the immense pressure and often quarrel about day-to-day life. The outgoing, brave and bubbly 小油 loves going to dark and new places like the Kopi Spa while the kind, shy and timid 小条 prefers bright and familiar places like the Soymilk Spa. Despite their constant bickering and arguments, 小油 and 小条 always make the effort to make up with a squishy hug.


Made with soft cotton and polyester, the new and improved 小油 and 小条 are perfect for hugging, squishing and playing with! The adorable youtiao plushies also come with detachable velcro tapes that will allow 小油 and 小条 to be separated into individual dough sticks.


Keep them in a set or share a You Tiao with your best friend, pre-order your very own You Tiao Plush Toy today!



A special 10% pre-order promotion will be running from 2-13 October 2019! Get a You Tiao plushie at $44.90 (u.p $49.90)! Limited pieces are available, place your orders here today!


Additionally, key in the promocode "YOUTIAOISBACK" during checkout for FREE LOCAL (SG) REGISTERED MAIL SHIPPING!


NOTE: Youtiao Plushies will only be available at the end of October. Shipping will commence at the start of November. For customers who opt for self-collection, we will drop you an email once your Plushie is ready.


Happy shopping!

Measurements & Specifications of You Tiao Plushie



Size of a single youtiao: 12cm x 8.5cm x 44.5cm (Length x Breadth x Height)

Material: Cotton, Polyester

Other features: Detachable (velcro on sides)

Washing Instructions: Machine washable but gentle cycle and preferably in a laundry bag


In comparison, size of OLD youtiao plushie: 8cm x 4.5cm x 40cm (Length x Breadth x Height)


NOTE: Due to the size of this product, registered mail will be the only method of delivery. Alternatively, self-collection at Wheniwasfour’s brand store is available.

October 02, 2019 by Cherise Ang

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