The Sumoboru family is back! Come join us in uncovering secrets of the new Sumoboru Sides!


Edgy | Goth-at-Heart | Music-Enthusiast

Don’t let Dubu’s fair and plain appearance 腐 (fool) you! This goth-at-heart teenager is extremely angsty and edgy. Dubu listens to heavy metal music and takes bubble baths in burning hot spicy stew. Dubu is passionate about music and dreams of starting a death metal band named “Red Hot Mala Peppers”.


Mysterious | Flawless | Loyal

The mysterious Nasu is a force to be reckoned with. Many model agencies have scouted Nasu for its tall build and flawless skin. However, Nasu prefers to stay out of the public eye and sticks to its day job as a webcomic illustrator. Nasu has managed to hide its identity despite being the author of the world-renowned romantic-comedy webcomic, “When Your Rice Meats Mine”. Nasu portrays an aloof and elusive image, but is a fiercely loyal eggplant who will always lend a helping hand when the Sumoboru family is in need.


Kani & Kama
Energetic | Sociable | Bubbly

Kani and Kama are identical twins who are extremely energetic and sociable. As avid fans of social gatherings, the wild crab sticks have held over 100 parties in the last 5 years. From “Mala Bonanza” to “Under the Sea”, Kani and Kama are known to throw the best themed parties in the Sumoboru-verse. The twins have bubbly dispositions and top-notch hosting skills but a darker reason lies behind all their partying: Kani and Kama are trying to find their parents who are rumoured to be fish instead of crabs.


So So & Ya Ya
Sassy | Self-Assured | Funny

Named the sassiest of the Sumoboru family, the Bean Siblings are often self-assured and mischievous. As fans of warm temperatures, So So and Ya Ya love visiting saunas with their fellow beans to bake themselves. The punny So So loves making jokes out of everything while the diva Ya Ya always claims she “豆 like this” and “豆 like that” (don’t like this and that). Despite their contrasting personalities, So So and Ya Ya share a common interest in creating new pick-up lines. Their favourite pick-up line is: “Where have you bean all my life?”


So So (Left)

So So the bean often gets laughed at for being bald. However, the self-assured bean never lets the opinion of others rock his self-esteem. As the funniest and punniest member of the Sumoboru family, So So often brings laughter to the people around him. He dreams of becoming the best stand-up comedian in the Sumoboru-verse.


Ya Ya (Right)

The sassy and chic Ya Ya spends most of her time reading fashion and lifestyle magazines. As the diva and fashionista of the family, Ya Ya spends most of her time critiquing and creating outfits for the Sumoboru family. Even though she appears picky and fussy, the highly-misunderstood perfectionist is only looking for ways to make the world a better place for future beans. Ya Ya is currently working on her new clothing line named “Green Jeans by Beans” that features the world’s first pair of biodegradable jeans. 

October 31, 2019 by Cherise Ang

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