A new season of Arts in Your Neighbourhood (AYN) is here! This November, Wheniwasfour partners with the National Arts Council to present "Punggol Explorers", an epic photography trail that will lead participants to discover the north-eastern coastal town that is Punggol.


Programme Line-Up

From 7-24 November 2019, gather your family and friends to explore the modern, olden and golden parts of Punggol!


Begin your photography adventure by collecting signature Punggol-themed collectibles (acrylic pins and keychains) created by our very own Wheniwasfour designers Tan Li Ling and Victoria Lim!

Lorong Halus Bridge, Old Punggol Bus Stop & Punggol Promenade (Acrylic Pins)


Coney Island, Prawning, Jewel Bridge (Acrylic Keychains)


1. Visit any of the following locations for our Gachapon machines containing the collectibles found above:


2. Collect at least 3 different capsules at $1 each

Each Gachapon capsule will contain 1 keychain/pin and a corresponding photo frame.


Channel your inner artist and add colour to your photo frames!  

NOTE: decorative material will not be provided at Gachapon machine booths. Bring your own material to enjoy this portion of the activity!


3. Visit the corresponding Punggol landmark and compose your photograph

If your capsule contains a Jewel Bridge keychain and photo frame, you’d have to visit the Jewel Bridge. An example is shown below:


4. Continue your exploration of Punggol

Take photos of at least 3 different Punggol landmarks. Locations are as follows:

(Click on the links for an exact map location!)

Prawning (any prawning facility would do)


5. Upload your photos onto Instagram and include the hashtags #ArtsInYourNeighbourhood and #WeArePunggolExplorers

Stand a chance to win an Arts in Your Neighbourhood (AYN) goodie bag by uploading your pictures!


*Please note that your Instagram account has to be public for us to view and verify your participation. Winner(s) will be announced by the National Arts Council after the AYN season.

Stay safe and have fun exploring Punggol!






Arts in Your Neighbourhood is an initiative by the National Arts Council that brings enriching arts experiences to everyone at their doorsteps. Every March and November, audiences can look forward to a diverse mix of arts offerings by established artists at various spaces across the island, with programmes inspired by their very own neighbourhoods.


For more information on Arts in Your Neighbourhood, please visit https://artsforall.sg/AYN

November 07, 2019 by Cherise Ang

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