BBB Arts Sprawl x Singapore Design Week 2018

Arts Sprawl is returning to Queen street as part of Singapore Design Week from 16-17 March! We will be popping up along Queen street with other local brands and conducting a few crafty activities. It's FREE to participate! Save the dates and join us! 来来来!

Venue/ Outside Singapore Arts Museum at 8Q
Time/ 5pm - 10pm


slap bracelet diy

Relive fond childhood memories while decorating your very own slap bracelet, giving a personal touch to this old school accessory.

Each participant will get to design 1 slap bracelet for free with an array of materials provided within a 15min session. There will be minimal guidance so as to allow participants to express their creativity.


Try your hand at Linocut printing held at different times of the day. Get a chance to print iconic Singaporean playgrounds onto your own totebags using this traditional method of printing.

Participants can bring their own tote bags or purchase one from us at $6 to print on. Printing is free of charge with all tools and inks provided. Registration is required. Email to with the following information:

-Your name
-Contact number
-Workshop(s) you wish to sign up for
-Preferred time slot(s)  5-6pm / 7-8pm / 9-10pm (16 or 17 March)
-Number of Pax per workshop
-Names, contact number and email addresses of the participants you’re signing up  
*each pax is only entitled to print on 1 tote bag

Giant Calendar Installation (4-10pm)

Why inside the calendar?
We are not only a part of the present, future, but also the past.

Appreciation for the past is essential for its role in shaping our nation to what it is in the present. The baton of history is now handed to us in the present, as we form a pivotal role in becoming tomorrow’s past.

Reminiscent of old school calendars found in kopitiams, the Giant Calendar has been redesigned with a contemporary look featuring vibrant colours instead of the original red or green.

The Calendar will commemorate an important date in our nation’s history - 9th August, our National Day.

Go inside this Giant Calendar and take photos with your family and friends!!

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