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On a bright and sunny day… *birds chirping*

You walk to the kopitiam nearest to your house, and think: “What should I eat today?” Walking pass tables filled with people chatting happily while enjoying their breakfast, you notice that our Kopitiam Heroes are also hard at work, busy making everyone happy.


At the first table, you see Mr. Jack Teh Peng trying to get closer to Miss Rose Bandung. Some people say Jack is only good at one thing – being suave. He always has immaculate slick hair despite the warm weather and is never seen without his dark black shades. You hear Jack say to Rose, “Hey, Sweetie~”, and see that Rose instantly turns a bright shade of pink! That’s just how Rose is, nothing to worry about. Rose turns pink whenever someone compliments her (especially when that someone is Jack), even though she will never let Jack know that.


Aside from that table of drama, not too far away is Kosong 小弟 (junior). Kosong Bro is always found drawing circles at a corner with overcast skies, even on the sunniest days. He may be a little emo, but that’s what people like about him, simple (with no sugar or milk) and good as it is!


You said hello to your neighbours having breakfast at another table. Looking closer at their table, you see the Hard Boiled Egg Brothers 太熟兄弟 hanging out with Xiao You & Xiao Tiao 小油&小条. What a dynamic pairing! The hard-boiled egg brothers couldn’t have been more different in terms of personalities, due to being left in the boiling pot for too long. One is hardworking and down-to-earth, while the other always goes off to do silly things. You hear one of the eggs shout “YOLO!”, and there he goes trying to roll himself off the table. (*facepalm *)


Xiao You and Xiao Tiao laugh heartily as they watch Hard Boiled Bro’s shenanigans, when suddenly your neighbour picks the youtiao duo up and tries to pull them apart! They scream while holding onto each other for their dear lives. Xiao You, the brave one, assures Xiao Tiao: “I’ll never let go of you!”. Their love for each other eventually conquers all, as your neighbour puts them down and the inseparable duo hugs a squishy hug.


“It is always a fun place to be, at the kopitiam.” You think to yourself as you head over to the drinks stall.


[To Be Continued]

Xin Yi from wheniwasfour

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