Christmas is just a week away, which means many of us might be scrambling around looking for presents at the last minute. But do not worry! Wheniwasfour has compiled a small guide for you to help you hopefully find a present that would be great for your loved ones~

Cat Socrates 

Living up to their name, Cat Socrates has cats in their store and they are super cute! Previously at Bras Basah Complex, they have since moved to the Tiong Bahru area, where you can spot their parisian-like storefront. Cat Socrates has many different novelty items from their wide selection of plants and cat-inspired living items to stickers and bags stocked by other illustrators both local and overseas so you’ll sure be spoilt for choice when you come down to our store!

image of a retail store called cat socrates

image by cat socrates via.

By Appointment Only

For anyone who is a streetwear fan, By Appointment Only is a store not to be missed! This store is started by graphic designer and illustrator, Lydia Yang (@oakandbindi on Instagram) so you can be sure their designs are gonna blow our minds away! Located at Tanjong Pagar, this store, by its name, requires you to make an appointment before visiting. So why not book one now and go on down to view their wide range of locally designed apparel that your friend will definitely love!

image of a retail store called by appointment only

image by by appointment only via.


The Delgnat Co

Recently, scrunchies have been all the rave and we know why. Who wouldn’t love hair ties that look cute and at the same time, won’t crease your hair? We know we do! Started in April 2020, this new startup is slowly gaining recognition for their hand-sewn and hand-made items that are both cute and practical. One fun fact about them is that the fabric that they use for their themed scrunchies are all licensed so you know that these hair accessories you’ll be getting are of good quality! We’re excited to see how The Delgnat Co would grow in the future!

image of the delgnat co scrunchie product

image by the delgnat co. via.


Laugh And Belly

Laugh and Belly is the brainchild of Tan Si Qi, with their a-pun-dance of Singaporean inspired puns, they bring joy wherever or to whoever their cards are given to. Their many cute puns are coupled with matching illustrations available as prints, cards, stickers or pins so there’s a whole lot of ideas for ways to give them as gifts! With these cute gifts, you’ll definitely rescue anyone on the naughty list from Santa’s pun-ishment!

image of product by laugh and belly

image by laugh and belly via.


The Enchanted Cafe

Living up to its name, The Enchanted Cafe is filled with decorations mirroring a world somewhat like that of tinkerbell’s universe. Open for 24 hours, this cafe is great for even a midnight cafe hopping adventure. Especially with their cold brew and small bites, you’ll never feel sleepy there so you can talk to your friends all night long!

image of interior of the enchanted cafe

image by the enchanted cafe via.


Annabelle Patisserie

Famous locally for their macarons, Annabelle Patisserie has come a long, long way from their initial pop-up shops islandwide. Located now at Bukit Batok, this bakery boasts a wide selection of adorably designed macarons that can easily suit any occasion! With 40 flavours that all complement each other well, you can never go wrong with choosing a box for your friends or family!

image of macarons from annabella patisserie

image by annabella patisserie via.


The Social Space


For the socially conscious friend, the social space is not just a small retail shop that sells clothing and living necessities made with ethically sourced ingredients, they also have a counter where you can get your daily health fix with their toasts, smoothie bowls, pastries and cold brew! One thing also to note is that they also have a nail salon and workshops available so you can grab a buddy, book an appointment and learn more about being socially conscious together! How fun does spending quality time together with your best bud while learning something new sound? Pretty good, we say!

image of a retail store called the social space

image by the social space via.


Last but not least, we’d also like to feature our new shop at Bras Basah! After a gruelling week of packing, unpacking and furnishing the whole place, we’re happy to open our doors to you this Christmas season from now till 24 December to help you with your last minute Christmas shopping! Now with increased opening hours on Sundays from 12.30 to 5.30pm, you can come down and have a look around after your Sunday brunch~

image of store interior wheniwasfour

Even though Christmas may be called the season of giving, it’s not necessary to give a present! Be it giving your attention and time to stay home and celebrate with your loved ones or going out for a nice meal with your friends, always being present in the moment is good enough as a gift! After all, it's the thought that counts~

December 18, 2020 by Celine Chin Wheniwasfour

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