digital illustration of sumoboru bos spending christmas in snow with the soya sides


On a warm cozy evening, “ding!” The sound of a familiar ringtone rang from a computer. It was Christmas and some of the Sumoboru Sides have gathered together to celebrate it together with the Sumoboru Bos on a zoom call. Sibling-twin duo So So, Ya Ya, Kani and Kama squeezed in front of the camera to try to get the attention of the audience as shy Nasu stood at the back, trying his best to avoid the vying questions of the Bos. 

“Ding!”, “Ding!”, “Ding!” The ringtone slowly repeated itself as more and more of the Sumoboru family entered the zoom call. 

“Hellooo! Merry Christmas and long time no see! How are all of you? I’ve missed you all!” an excited Kani shouted into the computer microphone. 

“Hello! Long time no see, we’ve all definitely missed you! We’re doing great, especially these two here. They have too much stored energy from not being able to go out much for the past months.” Big brother Fuzobo, with his dark eye bags, replied as he pointed to FriedFishbo and Crabbo bickering in the background. 

“Oh no Fuzobo, I hope you’ll be able to get more rest when we can go out more! We’ve missed going out with all of you, especially to the sauna. We could really use a spa day! With all the work that we have to do at home, it’s a wonder why we haven’t gone crazy yet!” Beefbo exclaimed while behind him, Fishbo and Cheesebo being the influencers they are, were filming a tiktok.

“Recently, we have been trying out a new part-time job delivering food for ‘Grandfood’! A really eye-opening experience it was! Now we know how hard it is for those Grandfood drivers to deliver food during this time, especially with everyone staying at home. The orders we could receive in a day was more than overwhelming!” Ricebo shared about his experience as Chickybo, Mogubo and Sotongbo nodded in the back. 

“Anyways, now that we’re all here-'' Kama started, “wait! Where’s Dubu?” Someone interrupted. And at that moment, a loud song intro played.

“DUN. DUNDUN. DUN. MY ONE AND ETERNAL LOVE, SUAN LA FEN KEEPS THE FIRE BURNING IN ME…” Dubu’s grand entrance shocked everyone with it’s loud music and visual effects at the camera. “Yo everyone. What’s up.” Dubu greeted in a monotone voice contrary to his introduction. 

“Hello Dubu and thank you for scaring the filling out of all of us as always. Anyways, now that we’re all here, let’s start with our Christmas party!” Kama continued from where he left off. 

"Woohoo!" Everyone exclaimed.

To be continued~

December 21, 2020 by Celine Chin Wheniwasfour

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