digital illustration of sumoboru family gathering on zoom to celebrate christmas


Recap: “Now that everyone’s here, let’s start the party!”

“So firstly, as the ones in-charge of planning this party, we’d like to thank you all for being able to make it! It’s definitely been a tough year for all of us not being able to meet for such a long time. We’ve missed you all and it’s really heartwarming to finally see all of us together, even though it’s only on a zoom call!” Kani and Kama stated as some chimed in agreement while the rest nodded their heads.


“Now, prior to this, y’all should have drawn names to find out your santee within your respective groups. We hope you have your presents near you so you can give them to your santee now!” Kani announced, referring to the Secret Santa game that they had organised for the Sumoboru family prior to the party. “So how it’ll go is, you’ll first give the gift to your Santee, then say one thing new that you’ve learnt or discovered in this year. Kani will start off first!” Kama continued.


“So, my Santee is our dear Nasu with his model-like features! I hope you like your gift! In this year, one thing I’ve learnt is that after staying at home for so long, no matter how many times siblings may quarrel or bicker, we will always have each other’s back! Now, I pick So So!” Kani replied in response while Nasu in the background, blushed at the compliment.


“So for me, my Santee is Kama, and in this year I’ve learnt that in life, we can’t always wait for the right moment to come! Sometimes, it’s better to just 豆 (do) it! I pick our big bro, Fuzubo, to go next !” So So shared, not forgetting his infamous habit of making puns. 


“Oh me? Hmmm, I think one thing I’ve learnt is that in this time, even though we might be miles apart, our hearts always remain close and there are always other ways to show that you care for the people you love. Oh yes! And my Santee is our dear youngest, Friedfishbo who I’d like to go next!” Fuzubo responded.


“My Santee is this Crab-claw here, Crabbo. And one thing I’ve discovered in this year is that staying indoors may not be as boring as it may seem! Anywhere can be fun as long as you view things positively! Next, I pick big bro Fishbo!” Friedfishbo answered as the rest of the Sumoboru family (other than Crabbo) cooed at his answer.


“For me, my Santee is my dear TikTok partner-in-crime, Cheesebo and in this year I think, because I have been hanging out with Cheesebo so much, and we’ve all been bored with nothing to do at home, I’ve learnt the simple happiness of just learning something small like a dance and succeeding in pulling it off! Which is why, I’d like Cheesebo to go next!” Fishbo responded


“I’m glad you feel that way Fishbo! My Santee is Beefbo who has been cooking many good meals for us during this time! It may sound small, but I’ve discovered the simple joy of using TikTok and I’ve since made countless ones on my account! I can’t wait for everything to get better so we can all come together to film one! Oh yes! I pick my dear Santee, Beefbo to go next!”Cheesebo excitedly shared as the rest chuckled in amusement.


“Hahaha, thank you for the compliment Cheesebo! I’ll gladly cook for any of you anytime! I think one thing I’ve learnt this year is to be flexible! Because supermarkets were constantly out of stock this year, I’ve learnt to substitute ingredients and also accomodate to certain tastes! Moving on, I think Ricebo is looking a little antsy to give his present. Why don’t you go next!” Beefbo proudly shared.


“Yay! It’s my turn now, my Santee is our queen of trivia, Sotongbo! I’ve been hanging out with her more and I’ve learnt that although there might be those who are quiet, it doesn’t mean they aren’t listening! Sotongbo has been a great listener and giver of advice to my troubles of not being able to eat out as often these days. That’s why I’d like her to go next!” Ricebo exclaimed.


“Oh me? Oh yes, my Santee is umm… Chickybo! I’ve been grinding and improving on my sense of direction and Chickybo has always been there to help me! Especially while helping to deliver Grandfood orders, Chickybo has always tried his best to remain by my side to help me with my directions and finding the destination! It’s all thanks to him that I’ve learnt so much more about Singapore! Next, I’d like our dear Mogubo who has been enjoying this rainy season in December to go next!” Sotongbo, feeling a sense of accomplishment, proudly shared.


Yawn~ My Santee is the smallest in our family, Ricebo! I’ve discovered a new hobby of mine, which is to watch mukbangs, especially when I feel especially hungry! After working from home for most of this year, I’ve learnt that when I look at others eat, it makes me feel full too, as if I’m there in person, eating with them! Which is why now in the middle of my nap, if I ever feel hungry, I would just grab a small meal and watch a mukbang! It’s all thanks to Ricebo for introducing mukbangs to me! Hmm, I think i’ll pick Crabbo to go next!” Mogubo bubbled proudly.


“Thank you Mogubo for picking me! So, my Santee is our dear big brother, Fuzubo! Thank you for looking after all of us and taking the time to check up on all of us throughout this year! I’ve learnt this year that teamwork makes the dream work! I’ve always liked travelling solo, and this year took a toll on my spirit since it was hard not being able to explore and discover. It’s all thanks to Fuzubo and Friedfishbo who have been by my side, recommending me virtual events that I was able to quell my itchy feet! It’s also helped me learn that travelling doesn’t have to always mean going outside, but it can also be done virtually, especially with technology’s advancement at this point in time! With that, I pick Chickybo to go next!” Crabbo beamed, sharing a grateful glance at her housemates.


“My Santee is Mogubo! I would say that this year, I’ve learnt that sometimes, appearances aren’t everything! I used to think that just because Mogubo had extremely different interests and hobbies, we wouldn’t click. But that’s not the case at all! When I was stuck cooped up at home trying to perform tricks, I was scolded countless times for almost breaking something. Mogubo however, took the time to sit down and talk to me, and listen to my complaints about not being able to go out or perform my tricks at home! Thank you Mogubo!” Chickybo gratefully thanked Mogubo, who turned red at the praise. “Next, I pick Ya Ya!” Chickybo continued.


“Hmph, I wanted to go after Nasu, but anyways, my Santee is my dear brother here with his puns. It was hard finding a gift for you but luckily, with the help of a gift guide I found online, I managed to find a gift for you so I hope you like it! This year, I’ve discovered something new about myself! I’ve found out that if I stand under the sun more, my stem can grow longer, giving me beautiful, luscious leaves- Ahem. Moving on, I pick Nasu here to go next!” Ya Ya rattled on in excitement before stopping herself.


“So for me, my Santee is coincidentally Ya Ya… In this year, I’ve learnt that we should always expect the unexpected and that we should always be adaptable to our surroundings… I pick Kama to go next...” Shy Nasu softly spoke, handing his present over to a star-struck Ya Ya.


“Leaving me to end it off with a bang huh? Well, the honour’s mine! My Santee is my dear twin, Kani! It was really hard keeping it a secret, I almost got caught countless times! This year, I’ve learnt that we only have the present moment to live in! The past has already gone and the future is uncertain! What we can do now is to live in the moment and do the best we can! Especially since Kani and I have been planning hard for the parties we want to hold next year for everyone!” Kama excitedly shared before continuing, “Now, Dubu, you weren’t able to participate in the game because you were busy with your concert tour, but would you like to share what you’ve learnt this year too?”


“Even though I wasn’t able to take part in the Secret Santa game, I'd still like to say that in this year, I’ve learnt that tough times don’t last, but tough people do! Just like how I know I have my eternal flame of determination burning in me, I will be sure to knock down challenges with a kickin’ scream!” Dubu said, eyes blazing like the fire within him.


“And that should be all! Thank you all for coming for today’s party! Just remember that this year may have been a hard year on all of us, but after the thunderstorm, there’ll always be a bright sky! It’s only going to get better from here and the future is always uncertain! We can do this and let’s do our best to create the future we want~” Kani and Kama concluded as the rest of the Sumoboru family cheered in response.


The illustration above can be downloaded as a colouring page for some added Christmas fun~ Click on the image below to download!

colouring page for digital illustration of sumoboru family gathering on zoom to celebrate christmas

December 24, 2020 by Celine Chin Wheniwasfour

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