Christmas is coming and that means it’s the time of sales, promotions and most importantly, the season of gifting. Sometimes, with the amount and variety of gifts available, it can get overwhelming. But worry no more! With our gift guide, there’s no more need to track Santa down to ask him what your friend wished to get for Christmas! The gifts are tailored to suit a personality that describes your friend best so you can be sure it’ll be something they like~

For the smart and brainy one:

Sometimes we wonder why this friend can always solve any problem that pops up with a bat of an eye. Well, with our notebooks, you can now take a peek into that brilliant, almost genius-like mind of theirs! Now available in A5 and A6 to fit both big and small ideas~

girl in good morning outfit holding wheniwasfour a5 notebooks browsing hand holding onto wheniwasfour dream chaser a5 notebook against a table background

For the carefree dreamer:

This friend is one who we will never know what’s going on in their heads and they can come up with just the most creative and imaginative ideas. If your friend fits this description, we recommend our dream chaser product series to remind your friend to chase their dreams and that they’re never impossible!

chinese compo book logo design green canvas tote bag with wheniwasfour dream chaser pins

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For the wise, old soul:

They’re the mother/father in the pack and they always seem to have everything in control and a wise spark to their eyes. Any conversation is always eye-opening and enjoyable as long as it's with them. For this friend, we would recommend our kraft paper bags or pouches! It’s most likely that their bags would carry as many things as the knowledge they hold. Inspired by items from the 90s, these bags will definitely be an enjoyable novel yet practical gift for them!

girl carrying wheniwasfour chinese compo kraft paper sling bag with matching mask  person holding onto wheniwasfour baby talk gaigai pouch placing phone into it

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For the entertaining social butterfly: 

Anytime is a fun and spontaneous day when it’s with them because everyday is an adventure to have as much fun as possible for them! They’re the moodmaker of the group and always seem to carry any conversation like it’s an incredible superpower. For this friend, we recommend our earrings! Inspired by the icons of our childhood, they’re a perfect conversation starter and just the perfect thing to share stories about! They’ll never have a boring conversation with these!

girl with wheniwasfour kopi dabao bag dangling earrings reading magazine 

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And that's it! We hope you had fun reading our small gift guide and that it would help you in deciding on a gift for your beloved friends and family! Tis' the season to be jolly and have a happy Ho Ho Ho~

December 07, 2020 by Celine Chin Wheniwasfour

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