We’ve all had one point in time where we’ve felt lost and alone, an alien to other people, intimidated, isolated and very much like we didn’t belong. In today’s TED talk, illustrator and author Johnny Sun shares how to find a community in possibly the loneliest place on the planet.

The internet may feel like a very lonely place, a place where you never know the people on the other side of the screen or a big, endless, lonely void where you constantly shout out to but no one answers.But turns out, this big endless void may not be as empty as we think! In sharing these feelings with the void, sometimes, it just might answer back to you. As empty it may seem, this void is actually filled with an endless amount of people, many of who are also wanting to be heard and talked to! You never know who you might meet online, they could just be a normal passer by or even a lifelong friend who will stick through thick and thin with you

For many people, it might sound scary to be talking about personal topics to people you might meet online. But sometimes, although there’s so much being shared on the internet, it’s still important to know the boundary and what should not be shared! Sometimes, the company you meet online may just share the same thing you face, and they might also be feeling just as alone as you. This might eventually result in you both feeling less alone, not by getting rid of your loneliness, but by showing that you’re not feeling lonely alone!

digital illustration of a chinese quote about loving yourself and others


Sometimes, these small gatherings can actually be quite meaningful. Once in a blue moon, through the internet, you may actually find your kindred spirit, or can even be in real life, where you see someone share the same interests as you. The internet as we mainly know it as is a place where it’s filled with a bunch of clout chasers, whistleblowers or even people who seek to spread fake news in an aim to cause panic, anxiety and discourse.

But one thing, as sad or pessimistic as it sounds, time will always come to an end for our lives. However, one thing we can do now is that we can try our best to hold onto other people, by acknowledging that we share the same worries as them and in return, making them realise that they might not be as lonely as they think!


The illustration above can now be downloaded as a wallpaper! Click on the image below to save it~ 

phone wallpaper of a digital illustration of a chinese quote about loving yourself and others image of a phone with its digital illustration being a chinese quote about loving yourself and others

December 14, 2020 by Celine Chin Wheniwasfour

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