In celebration of Singapore’s upcoming birthday, the Sumoborus are back with a Singaporean twist! With the new “Foodie” Ricebo, “YOLO” Chickybo and “Kan-chiong” FriedFishbo, the Bo family wishes Singapore a Happy 54th National Day!


Foodie | Organised | Well-read

Named the “foodie” of the group, Ricebo is the smallest Bo with the largest appetite! Just like any other growing teenage boy, Ricebo LOVES eating. He keeps an organised list of all the best hawker stalls in Singapore. You’ll know it’s Ricebo when you hear someone asking to 加饭 (add rice) at 菜贩 (mixed vegetable rice) stalls! Ricebo’s favourite activities include watching “mukbangs” and reading during his free time.


Daring | Determined | Genius

Chickybo is the YOLO bo - she constantly practises dangerous tricks and tries to fly like a bird. An avid fan of parkour and action stunts, Chickybo is often caught showing-off her new moves. On top of her active nature, Chickybo is also an engineering genius working on “Bo-wings”, a pair of solar-powered wings that will enable Bos to fly wherever and whenever they want.


Playful | Kan-chiong | Eco-conscious

The youngest Bo of all Bos, Friedfishbo is a playful kid who loves hanging out at playgrounds and parks with friends. Though seemingly young and innocent, beware of FriedFishbo’s temper, he’ll finish his arguments with a sizzle! A “kan-chiong” (anxious/eager) child who wants to prove his worth in the big Bo world, FriedFishbo is an excellent student who dreams of becoming an environmentalist to save the planet from global warming.


Adventurous | Curious | Modest

The “gung-ho” member of the Sumoboru family, Crabbo is a brave and adventurous explorer. She loves travelling around the world and immersing herself in various cultures. Always curious about traditional Singapore landmarks, you’ll find Crabbo exploring and snapping photos of “ulu” (deserted) parts of Singapore. This extrovert is secretly a history expert, but doesn’t want other Bos to know.


Self-Confident | Stylish | Generous

Fishbo is the most self-confident Bo. An extrovert who spends most of its time online shopping and queuing for trendy items, you’ll always catch Fishbo in line for the latest bubble tea or shoe releases! A “kiasu” (scared to lose) Singaporean who loves 1-for-1 deals, Fishbo is always scouring the net for new promo-codes. Despite its shopaholic tendencies, Fishbo is a kind and generous Bo who loves sharing the free gifts it collects with others.


Ambivert | Trendsetter | Popular

A renowned trendsetter of the Sumoboru world, Cheesebo is always participating in the latest internet trends and challenges. A lifestyle influencer and aspiring YouTube star, Cheesebo vlogs about a variety of topics. Her most popular video, “I tried being a Karang-Guni (rag-and-bone man) for a day” skyrocketed her to fame. This ambivert wishes to use her highly popular social platforms to spread simple happiness and shed more light on unique social issues in Singapore. 


Melancholic | Homebody | Calm

Mogubo loves little corners and gloomy days. Her favourite moment is the split second before a storm hits, when everything seems to stop in motion and the world around her is drenched in melancholy. December is Mogubo’s favourite month - she gets to “clear (work) leave” and enjoy the rainy season. Besides playing with cats at HDB void decks, her favourite activity is staying in to sleep all day.


Blur | Knowledgeable | Passionate

Sotongbo has been named “Blur Queen” by the group. Always distracted by her phone, the accident-prone Sotongbo has been caught walking into lamp posts and missing her MRT stops. When being laughed at, her favourite defence is “Act blur live longer!” Even though she is often in her own world, Sotongbo’s inquisitive nature has made her the most knowledgeable Bo. Currently the longest reigning trivia quiz champion, Sotongbo holds the record of naming all stations on the circle line in less than a minute (probably because she misses her stop and familiarises herself with other stations so often).


Responsible | Protective | Caring

A chill and fun Bo to be around, Fuzobo is the big brother to all Bos. An introvert who loves spending time with family and friends, he is extremely protective and sensitive towards the feelings of others. Fuzobo often drives his fellow Bos around town, “blanjah”-ing (treating) them to good food and helping them carry their groceries. A caring and easy-going Bo, Fuzobo finds joy in helping others.


Sociable | Honest | Driven

Beefbo is the talkative master chef of the family. He is straightforward, honest and always looking for someone to talk to. Beefbo’s specialty dish is his home-grilled Satay; He marinades and grills the flavourful skewers with the perfect meat to fat ratio. Beefbo overflows with joy when cooking for others. He dreams of meeting Gordon Ramsay and having his own cooking show called “Let’s Get Beefy!” one day.


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Happy National Day! :-)


July 25, 2019 by Cherise Ang

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