The Sumoboru reside happily at Yong Tau Foo stalls all across Singapore. They love having a splashing good time in steamboats and bringing you Simple Happiness!


Sumoboru Fishbo

Fishbo is the most self-confident Bo who always dresses to impress. An extrovert who spends most of its time online-shopping, Fishbo owns an impressive collection of shoes. You'll never catch Fishbo wearing the same pair of shoes twice when the Bos go gai gai! Despite its shopaholic tendencies, Fishbo is a kind and generous Bo who loves sharing things with others.


Sumoboru Crabbo

Crabbo is a brave and adventurous explorer, the personification of #Wanderlust.  Always curious, he loves venturing to new places and learning about the world. This extrovert is also secretly a history expert, but doesn’t want other Bos to know.



Sumoboru Beefbo

Beefbo is the talkative master chef of the family who overflows with joy when cooking for others. He is straightforward, honest and always looking for someone to talk to. Beefbo dreams of meeting Gordon Ramsay one day and having his own cooking show called “Lets Get Beefy!”



Sumoboru Cheesebo

Xiao popz and a trendsetter, Cheesebo is always participating in the latest Internet trends and challenges. She is an ambivert who uses her highly popular social platforms to spread simple happiness. Want to know about the hottest promotion? Just hit her up in her DMs!



Sumoboru Sotongbo

Sotongbo may be a little blur, but she is the most knowledgeable Bo. When being laughed at, her favourite defense is: “Acting blur is actually a clever thing to do!” She is currently the longest reigning trivia quiz champion among the Bos. An introvert at heart, Sotongbo is only in her element when she finds someone to geek out with.


Sumoboru Fuzobo

Fuzobo is the big brother to all Bos. Being an introvert, he is extremely protective and sensitive to the feelings of others. Seeing others happy makes him happy. Fuzobo frequently brings the other Bos to gai gai around our sunny island, treating them to delicious food and drinks.



Sumoboru Mogubo

Mogubo loves little corners and gloomy days. Her favourite moment is the split second before a storm hits, when everything seems to stop in motion and the world around her is drenched in melancholy. Besides journaling about her feelings, her favourite activity is staying in to sleep all day.

April 16, 2019 by wheniwasfour | 小时候

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