It’s common to see people turning to their phones when they’re on their break time. Many choose to either watch a couple of videos on Youtube, or others choose to simply listen to music. But, what if we could combine the two? What if we could take the informational and interactive part of videos and mash it together with the ease and convenience of listening to music? What you’ll get is a podcast! Podcasts, as in-trend or hippie as they may sound, are actually great ways to pass time! Be it helping you rewind after a long day of work, or to provide some background noise as you work on an important project, podcasts don’t require as much attention compared to videos so you can take time to focus on yourself, or the task at hand! Here are some podcast channels we’d like to recommend:

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For Self-Care and Reassurance: In Your Feelings by Thought Catalog

Well known on Instagram as @thoughtcatalog , this platform has finally started a podcast channel to help bring you a dose of motivation and teach you how to love yourself. Some of their podcasts’ content include how to thank yourself for what you’ve done and also to help remind yourself that it’s okay if you feel happy, sad, angry or disappointed! If you’re looking for a buddy that will support you and accept your emotions no matter what, this podcast will provide you with that exact support you might need!

spotify code for podcast in your feelings by thought catalog


To Help You Find Happiness: Happy Place

Happy Place is a podcast that explores people’s many different walks of life and discovers how they cope with their losses and disappointments to help themselves find happiness in their lives. In this podcast series, you can expect to learn how to find happiness not by distancing yourself for your environment, but instead, to cope with the difficulties and change your mindset to one that can put even the worst troubles in a good light! After all, when things get out of control, it’s always mind over matter~

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For Your Daily Dose of Laughter and Information: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

After a long day of work, sometimes, the biggest craving is to just have a laugh and we completely understand that feeling! Which is why we recommend The Daily Show with Trevor Noah! Famous for his stand-up comedy performances, Trevor Noah is one to turn to for your daily dose of laughter. Laughter is the best medicine, so take this chance to relax those tense muscles and relieve your tension by laughing it away~

spotify code for podcast the daily show with trevor noah comedian


Your Daily Trivia Podcast: TED Talks Daily

If you’d been following our blog posts, you’d discover that we have been recommending many different TED talks and there’s a good reason why. TED is a platform full of inspiring and motivating individuals who all have a like-minded passion to share about what they love and to help others improve and learn as they themselves discover more and more everyday! With TED Talks Daily, you can expect podcasts with varying content ranging from current affairs to motivating and inspirational talks on how to always better ourselves!

spotify code for podcast informational ted talks daily


We hope that with this list of recommendations, you can start to explore the benefits that podcasts have to offer and even better, start to explore and find other podcasts that you’d enjoy as well!

January 22, 2021 by Celine Chin Wheniwasfour

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