Inspired by the brown paper bags used in olden days, Wheniwasfour has launched our new Good Citizen and Chinese Compo Book Sling bags! The Good Citizen sling bag features a variety of fonts found on old school Singaporean carrier bags.

photo of a person holding onto a sling bag with a good citizen design printed on it attached to a faux leather strap being worn as a crossbody bag

image of a old school chinese carrier paper bag with its words in a bright red colour hanging on a glass panel

image by myitchyfingers via.

While on the other hand, the Chinese Composition sling bag features the iconic logo from the book we’ve all used in primary school!

image of a person holding a kraft paper bag with a chinese composition book design printed on it and keeping her phone into the bag

Both bags have a gusset and magnetic closure to ensure that you can carry and access all your barang barang easily. There are also detachable faux leather straps included for the stylish fashionista in you for you to carry them around as a sling bag or simply just a clutch! The bags are made of durable and water resistant Kraft paper to ensure that they last as long as the good memories you’ll make with them!

 The sling bags will be available both online and in-store from 28 October so grab one now! While stocks last~

October 28, 2020 by Celine Chin Wheniwasfour

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