Kids are most known for their mischievousness and innocence. Being able to play jokes and pranks on others and laughing about them, it’s all something we’ve gone through in our childhood. But one thing that gets often overlooked is also their reliance on adults. Although they might essentially be tiny humans, they still have a lot to learn and because of that, they tend to rely on grown ups a lot more. We’ve all experienced that moment when a kid comes rushing up to us saying, “Teacher! Teacher!” (at least for those of us above the age of 12) And to be honest, it’s one of the greatest feelings, having a child relying on you and asking you for help. Being able to earn a kid’s trust and friendship is a real feat and the feeling that comes with it is immeasurable. In today’s TED talk by Yeyoon Kim, a kindergarten teacher, we learn that no matter how independent or how competent we may be, we can actually learn much from these tiny little bundles of energy.

When children fall down, there’s always this moment of lag, where a child will get up and stand still, as if processing what just happened. And it’s only when they lock eyes with someone that they feel can help them and that they trust, then do they start to cry. But sometimes, this act of asking for help might not be one-sided. Sometimes, when a child asks for help, it’s not just that on surface level, but also that the child is presenting the opportunity for an adult to help him/her, which means admitting to their vulnerability and to their pain.

digital illustration of motivational chinese quote about not being afraid and keep going on

Often times in the grown up world, we’re so constantly caught up in our work that we unconsciously bury our frustration and pain over something with more work. It’s just this constant feeling of needing to be competent and relied on that keeps many of us going and taking up more and more projects but when it gets out of hand is when our health takes a toll and we burn out. It’s important to know your limits and when you need to ask for help. Like a child, you need to know to admit to your pain or frustrations and know who to trust to help you. It’s never good to constantly suppress these emotions so it’s important to know when you need to get help, rather than to continue pushing yourself to the extremes! 

So please, never hesitate to ask for help and never feel that asking for help means having to admit that you are weak or incompetent! It just means that what you’re having trouble with is troubling you and the person you ask for help is someone you trust can work with you to find the solution and will be able to support you!

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phone wallpaper of a digital illustration of motivational chinese quote about not being afraid and keep going on

 image of a phone with its wallpaper being a digital illustration of motivational chinese quote about not being afraid and keep going on

October 26, 2020 by Celine Chin Wheniwasfour

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