With the many different kinds of eateries and cafes in Singapore now, it’s been increasingly easier to eat clean and healthy in Singapore. But sometimes, eating healthy doesn’t sound as appealing since it means giving up your Jollibee or your late night Mcspicy. It all comes down to your eating habits at home! Small daily changes you make to your eating habits will eventually become habits, making it easier for you to continue eating healthily and clean. Here are some tips and tricks you can put in place to help yourself start eating healthily:

1.  Always have healthy food in sight so that if you feel like snacking, you’d be more likely to grab that delicious red apple in front of you rather than that packet of potato chips in your kitchen cupboard

2.  Always follow the 80% rule. Stop eating when you feel 80% full! Your body takes time to register when you eat so what you think may be 80% full, you might already be 100% full so it’s better to stop then!

3.  Brush your teeth after your last meal to prevent your late snacking cravings! Believe it or not, brushing your teeth is actually a trigger to your body that you’re either beginning the day or getting ready for bed. How cool is that! This means that if you’ve already brushed your teeth, it’s less likely your body would crave something to eat since it would be thinking it’s going to bed. Now here’s a cool body hack!

4.  Drink more water! Sometimes, whatever kind of craving or itchiness you may feel in your mouth may just be a signal to you that your body is feeling thirsty! So go get a cup of nice refreshing ice water and down it! You’ll soon feel that the craving has disappeared and you’ll be left feeling refreshed!

5.  Opt for healthier choices when ordering food delivery! Although something carb-heavy or intensely sweet and salty might sound really appetizing, it’s always important to exercise self control! But, it’s still okay to order a burger once in a while to keep yourself going! Maybe try ordering just 1 fast food item out of 10 delivery orders? You’ll soon see the effects as you get into this habit! Many restaurants on food delivery platforms like Grabfood or Foodpanda actually have menus to cater to healthier options such as opting for less salt, more greens or a healthier alternative! It’s also a myth that healthier food tastes worse than your typical fast food so do give it a try! 

And that’s it! Although these changes may seem small or ridiculous, they actually help in changing your dietary habits. But take it slowly and don’t rush it! Rome wasn’t built in a day after all, small gradual steps will still complete the distance!

Fight the temptation with our 好宝宝, 不挑食 pin and bag! Have these small little tokens of motivation keep you going in your healthier choice lifestyle! Fightingg~

photograph of a person holding a carrot and broccoli while wearing a white button up shirt with a chinese acrylic pin  photograph of a person reading a book beside a green bag with an acrylic pin on it photograph of a person carrying a totebag with a chinese design about not being picky while walking

October 23, 2020 by Celine Chin Wheniwasfour

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