A happy day for couples, Valentine’s Day is just next Sunday! With it falling on the same week as Chinese New Year, it’s bound to get messy, especially with planning for your home decorations and also thinking about getting gifts for your special one. But fear not! Wheniwasfour is here to help you with brainstorming for your V-day gifts! Here are a list of gifts we think your partner might like~

For Her: The Grey Space

One thing is for sure, we can never have enough bags. Many of us have different bags to suit different occasions and with the many choices out there, why not grab one from local bag company, The Grey Space! They offer a bunch of faux leather products in various styles! Opt for a backpack for a work-appropriate bag, or a crossbody bag for a casual day out!

image of a person carrying a crossbody bag from the grey space

image by the grey space via. https://www.thegreyspace.co/


For Her: Maison 21G

This up and coming perfumery bar offers a once in a lifetime experience. Through the personality test available, you can take customise a perfume that suits your special one by choosing options that you feel describes her best! In addition, according to the brand philosophy, they aim to create a perfume that is tailored to the user and them only. Furthermore, with its options to customise each and every bottle of perfume, you can be sure that the one you design will be one of a kind!

image of several bottles of customised perfume from maison 21G

image by Maison 21G via. https://maison21g.com/sg


For Him: Plain Supplies

Plain Supplies is a Singaporean that has been up and coming with their affordable small leather goods and accessories like watches and wallets. Great as a stylish gift for your special one to use wherever they go, now they can keep track of the precious time that they spend with you with a beautiful timepiece! (Another suggestion, why not get couple watches!)

image of a couple wearing a matching watch from plain supplies

image by plain supplies via. https://www.plainsupplies.com/


For Him: Mechanical Keyboard

With the craze of mechanical and customisable keyboards nowadays, you can create a keyboard that is the one for you and you only! With the many options online available, you can choose from different functions, to different coloured bases, to different coloured lights! You can even choose how you’d like your keyboard keys to click! Here is a link to an informative guide on how to choose the perfect keyboard for your special someone and also a list of recommendations that won't break the bank!

image of mechanical keyboard keychron

image by bumblescoop via. https://www.bumblescoop.com/mechanical-keyboard-singapore/



难看Pottery (Nankan Pottery) or Ugly Pottery (direct translation) is the brainchild of an amateur potter who makes various pottery pieces. If your significant other enjoys quirky and one of a kind handmade pottery pieces, Nankan is one that he or she will enjoy! With their organic feel and human touch with small imperfections, these pottery pieces are ones that will be great as accents on the dinner table, or simply just as a display piece! 

image of pottery from nankan pottery

image by 难看 Pottery via. https://www.instagram.com/nankanpottery/?hl=en



Journaling may be all the craze nowadays, but sometimes, there just isn’t enough space for us to jot down all the great ideas we get while we journal. Which is why, a customised notebook is always a great gift! In addition to their beautifully crafted stationery items, they also carry a wide selection of leather goods and other novel items! One of our favourites is actually their Book Lamp! Great as a bedside or study table piece, you can definitely get in the mood to journal with this lamp! In addition, pair it with a pun like, “you light up my whole world~”

image of book lamp from bynd artisan local singaporean company

image by bynd artisan via. https://www.byndartisan.com/



Sometimes, Valentines Day doesn’t have to be about giving gifts to your special one, it can also be just giving gifts to your precious friends or even your family! After all, it’s a celebration of the love and admiration for those who you hold special to your heart! In Wheniwasfour, we carry many Singaporean-inspired novelty items that can help you reminisce the good ol’ days that you spent with your loved ones! So why not come on down and also explore what we have to offer~

image of wheniwasfour bus ticket letter


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*Do note that our “For Him/Her” guide is just a general guide! If you feel that your partner would like the gift, feel free to get it for him/her! After all, love knows no boundaries~

February 05, 2021 by Celine Chin Wheniwasfour

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