Mid Autumn Festival to most may just be a small special occasion to eat their annual lotus paste or snow-skin mooncakes. But do we really know how the festival came about? 

For one, the Mid Autumn Festival is a festival celebrated in many parts of Asia to honour the traditional folklore of Chang E

Chang E was a beautiful woman who married a hero called Hou Yi. Hou Yi had previously saved the earth from a savage drought by shooting down 9 of 10 suns and was rewarded with a potion of immortality. Unfortunately, a villain named Peng Meng heard about this and tried to steal the potion. In a moment of panic, Chang E drank the potion which caused her to start floating to the heavens. Reluctant to leave her husband, Chang E tried her best to fly to the moon, the nearest place to the Earth in heaven. Which is how we got the story of Change E on the moon. 

During the Mid Autumn Festival, a common activity for families is to head down to Chinatown to spectate the light displays. However, as Covid-19 measures are being enforced, many families would have to stay at home. However, this doesn’t mean that the festival can’t be enjoyed at home! Here are 2 activities that you can enjoy this Mid Autumn Festival:

  1. Paint Your Own Vinyl Toy

With our vinyl toys, your imagination is the limit. Use your creative juices to decorate it to your heart’s content. With the paints provided or with coloured markers, it’s all up to you! Our vinyl toys also make for a great memento for the time spent decorating the toy with your loved ones. Display it on a shelf or hang it up on a plant, wherever it is, it’s definitely going to be a statement piece to add some fun to your home decor! 

image of 4 milo dinosaur vinyl toys painted differently with paints standing in a row facing the left image of kueh lapis vinyl toy being painted in different ways with paints of bright colours image of vinyl toy in its box packaging with a blue label listing the paints paintbrush and toy included
  1. 好公民 Quiz
What better way to celebrate a festival than with a card game! Check out this set of digital cards made by the Wheniwasfour team to challenge your knowledge of Singlish. May the odds be ever in your favour!
September 28, 2020 by Celine Chin Wheniwasfour

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