Tomorrow is the officially the World Mental Health Day and 2020 has no doubt been a tough year for everyone not just physically, but also mentally. Having to practice social distancing amidst the Covid-19 outbreak means that it’s going to be hard to go out with friends, resulting in people feeling isolated and lonely, increasing their stress and anxiety levels. Accumulated stress may have certain negative impacts on your body, such as paranoia or a change in sleeping and eating patterns. People might suggest talking to a family member or a close friend. But what if you would rather keep your thoughts to yourself? 

Journaling is a great way to rant your thoughts into a notebook or onto a piece of paper without worrying about someone finding out about your deepest, darkest secrets or troubles. Now, for some, journaling may already be a part of your routine. But what if it’s your first time? Here are some prompts you can use for your journal:

  • Right now I feel challenged by ____. I feel supported by ____.
  • The things/people that help me the most right now are … and I am thankful for them.
  • How might this stressful experience transform me into a more loving (compassionate, forgiving, patient, helpful, or faithful) person?
  • What challenge in the past has turned out to be a gift in disguise? Why? What was the silver lining?
  • How are you really feeling?
  • What do you want yourself to feel? 

Another way can also be to track your tasks when you feel overwhelmed by the amount of work you have on your hands: 

  • List down what’s troubling you and what you need to do along with any upcoming events or dates to take note of
  • Sort them according to importance
  • Draw out or take a calendar and distribute the tasks to each day of the week (the easier the task, the more you can aim to accomplish in that day)
  • Keep track of whether you’ve finished the task by crossing out those that you’ve done
  • For outstanding tasks, highlight them with a highlighter in your favourite colour and make sure to finish that off on the following day before moving on

Journaling can also serve as a way to motivate you to keep working hard. When you’ve finished a whole week’s worth of work, browse through your journal and you’ll soon discover that you’ve accomplished so much more than you could’ve imagined! So, go have fun with your journal, sit back, relax and enjoy the chill vibes~

photograph of someone writing her plans and decorating the monthly planner with colourful stickers to keep track of tasks and events photograph of someone writing in a monthly calendar decorated with colourful stickers to keep track of events and tasks

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October 09, 2020 by Celine Chin Wheniwasfour

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