Anything you like from our website that hits a chord for you!

Here are some examples:

1. Content / Motivational Blogpost / Phone Wallpaper

We made different kind of blogposts under our 'NEWS & UPDATES' tab in our website. You can find some DIY content, devotionals with TED TALK video, inspiring wallpapers. We also have free colouring sheets which can be printed to occupy the little ones! Whether you need to inspire someone or to find things to do to occupy time, you can count on these content to make someone's day!


2. Your Favourite Wheniwasfour Product Pages!

You can pick out your favourite products from our website to share with your friends and put a smile on their face!

Create your own content - Don’t be shy to include your own childhood memories and experiences! It’s more fun when we all reminisce together~


Last tips:
With so many shareable content to choose from, you're sure to be spoilt for choice about what to share with your loved ones! Don't stress and just trust your gut feelings. If anything hits a note inside your heart, that's probably a good content and worth sharing! 

Sometimes, a small message on a right day can impact someone so profoundly and make a difference to their day, or even their lives. Learn how to make your own shareable link if you want to share a specific product or content from our website here.


Come and rekindle the fondest memories of your childhood with us! Share the gift of simple happiness today!

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