Ang Ku Kueh Cushion Cover


Design: Ang Ku Kueh

Do they remind you of our kindergarten old school chinese flashcard? ;p Yeap those flashcards are enlarged into cushions! With our originally hand-painted nostalgic food printed on it!! :)

Ang ku kueh is designed to resemble a tortoise shell with soft sticky skin filled with green bean paste in the center. It will always rest on a piece of banana leaf. This kueh signifies longevity and good luck too!


Measurements & Specifications

Size of the cushion: 30cm W x 50cm H
(Fits 40 by 65cm Ikea inner cushion or 30 by 50cm Giant inner cushion.)

Material: Premium thick cotton linen, Hidden zip

*Excluding inner cushion

 Illustrated by WHENIWASFOUR



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