Cream Cracker Cushion Cover

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Product Code: 4-R1-K1 / 5-L3-J1

Remember these old-school tidbits we used to munch on as kids? These popular snacks that used to cost 20 to 50cents were commonly found in school canteens and Mama shops. To reminisce about the good ol’ school days, these snacks are making a comeback… in cushion form! 

Design: Cream Crackers

Also known as soda biscuits, cream crackers taste best when dipped in a warm cup of coffee or eaten with a cheese spread.

Measurements & Specifications

Size of cushion: 30cm x 50cm (Width x Height)

(Fits a 40cm x 65cm Ikea inner cushion, or a 30cm x 50cm Giant inner cushion)

Material: Super soft velvet, Hidden zip

Note: Cushion covers do not come with an inner cushion

Designed by Wheniwasfour

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