Dragons and Elephants


Children of the late 70s and 80s grew up sliding down from dragon heads and elephant trunks, figuratively speaking, of course. Because these locally designed playgrounds are few and far between today, we celebrate the simple joys they brought by projecting these playful icons onto an enduring board game, Snakes and Ladders.

By using the Dragon as ladder and Elephant as snake, we hope to evoke fond memories of your childhood.

You can place this old school childhood game cushion in your living room to create a nostalgic look and feel and at the same time to play on it! ^^ Have fun!

You can also get our 3 in 1 playing board games from the link below. :)

Zabalang 3 in 1 Playing Board Games

Measurements & Specifications

Size of the cushion: 45cm W x 45cm H
(Fits 50 by 50cm standard inner cushion. Inner cushion can be bought at Ikea.)

Material: Super Soft Velvet, Hidden zip

Washing Instructions: Machine washable

*Excluding inner cushion





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