Dream Chaser Motivational Pens & Postcard Set


Want us to write a letter for you? We've got you covered for a limited time! We'll handwrite the letter on the 'I can do it' postcard and send it off for a small extra charge of $2. This offer is only valid until May 26. Send us your message to our email at hi@wheniwasfour.com .

These motivational message ballpoint pens are good encouragement gifts for your loved ones, or to give yourself motivation throughout the day! Each set comes with a "You can do it!" postcard too!

Quotes on the pens:
1. 追梦人
2. 我走得很慢,但我从不后退。
3. 坚持就是在坚持不下去的时候再坚持。

Measurements & Specifications

Pen Size: 0.4cm W x 14.5cm H

Pen Material: Plastic

Postcard Size: A6 (10.5cm W x 14.8cm H)

Paper: 250gsm Matt Card

Designed by Wheniwasfour 

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