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Fancy Gem Biscuit Vinyl Toy

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Explore your creativity by painting on this plain Fancy Gem Biscuit vinyl toy! Turn your toy into a beautiful decorative piece or collectible figurine!


An old school snack that is popular among the young and old! This fragrant round biscuit is topped with a brightly coloured icing that comes in green, pink, yellow or white. It is very tempting to just bite off the icing and leave the biscuit aside. This nostalgic biscuit is a convenient snack that can be found in mamashops around the neighbourhood!


Measurements & Specifications

Size of the toy:  13cm x 13cm x 12cm (Length x Breadth x Height)

Material: Vinyl

Includes: Multi-Coloured Acrylic Paint Set (12 colours) + 2 Brushes (1 Flat, 1 Round) and a colour wheel chart


Designed by Wheniwasfour

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