Find Peace In The Little Things Cushion Cover


Product Code: 4-R1-I4

Check out our series of exclusive collaboration with Jangandfox Studio!

Jangandfox seeks to spread the language of simplicity, wonderment and absolute sincerity through her stories and illustrations. Slow down our pace, look around us, we will realise that happiness can be found in the little things in our daily lives!

Find peace in the little things

"Why the little things?" Asked Little Eleph.
"Each of them is like a lightly-scented flower," said Little Fox. "A thousand of them on a blooming Bougainvillea can perfume the street."
Taking a good look at the little things around him, Little Eleph paused and wondered aloud, "Imagine what they can do if each of them brings peace."

Designed by @jangandfox.

See more designs from the designer here.

Measurements & Specifications


Size of cushion: 45cm x 45cm (Width x Height)

(Fits a 50cm x 50cm Ikea inner cushion)


Material: Super soft velvet, Hidden zip

Note: Cushion covers do not come with an inner cushion


Designed by Wheniwasfour

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