Find Peace In The Little Things Tote bag


Check out our series of exclusive collaboration with Jangandfox Studio!

Jangandfox seeks to spread the language of simplicity, wonderment and absolute sincerity through her stories and illustrations. In this fast-paced and seemingly troubled world that we live in, sometimes we just need to find peace in our own little space to brace ourselves for the challenges ahead. 

Find peace in the little things

"Why the little things?" Asked Little Eleph.
"Each of them is like a lightly-scented flower," said Little Fox. "A thousand of them on a blooming Bougainvillea can perfume the street."
Taking a good look at the little things around him, Little Eleph paused and wondered aloud, "Imagine what they can do if each of them brings peace."

Designed by @jangandfox.
See more designs from the designer here.

Print on Demand

Production takes 3 - 5 working days upon ordering, and thereafter 2 working days to ship out.

Measurements & Specifications

Size: 36cm x 40cm (Length x Height), 65cm strap

Material: 10oz cotton canvas

Printing: Heatpress

*Product colour may slightly vary due to different monitor settings. 


Designed by Wheniwasfour

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