Food Land Colouring Placemat


Product Code: 0-R2-D1


Introducing our Kids Dining Place mat – a delightful combination of mealtime enjoyment and creative play! Discover our exclusive designs, from the whimsical Old School Snack Park with a kueh lapis slide and an ice popsicle see-saw to the iconic Local Food Land featuring treats like kaya toast, chicken rice, satay, and more. If you're not a foodie, take a stroll down memory lane with our Nostalgic Childhood Playground and Toys mat.

These mats guarantee re-usability and simple maintenance. Cleaning is a breeze – effortlessly erase marker ink with a wet or dry tissue or rinse it under running water. Elevate both playtime and mealtime with our multi-functional and easy-to-maintain silicone creation!

Our mats are compatible with alcohol-based dry erase or whiteboard markers, but please avoid using oil-based markers or permanent markers.

Complete the experience with our 12-colour marker set at a bundle price! Purchase the marker set from the link below.

Measurement & Specifications

Size of Placemat: 40cm x 30cm (Width x Height)

Material: Silicone

Designed by Wheniwasfour

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