Happy Family Singapore


“HAPPY FAMILY Singapore” is a local-flavoured version of popular card game “Happy Family”. Here, we’ve added in our favourite characters of past and present, representing families of different trades from Singapore. Meet old-school favourites such as the Roti Prata and Mama Shop Families!

This card game can be both educational and interactive, you can play it with your 'kakis' or family members. Let's sit down and play together and be a part of Happy Family Singapore!

Measurements & Specifications

Size of the Box: 6.2cm W x 8.8cm H x 1.6cm depth 
Paper: 250gsm uncoated woodfree 
Size of the card: 5.6cm W x 8.1cm H 
(Round Corner Card)

Designed by WHENIWASFOUR and Printed in Singapore.



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