Nasi Lemak Signboard T-Shirt


Product: 6-R2-B1

Print on Demand Production takes 4-5 working days upon ordering, and thereafter 2 working days to ship out.

Immerse yourself in the rich flavors of Singapore with our Nasi Lemak T-shirt! Featuring an iconic retro hawker signboard design, this unique garment celebrates your love for this classic dish. Start conversations and evoke the aroma of fragrant rice, crispy ikan bilis, and spicy sambal with this delightful piece. Capture the essence of Singapore's culinary heritage with this iconic T-shirt!

100% cotton
Digitally printed full color

M - 52cm(Chest width), 68cm(Shirt length), 25cm(Arm length), 20cm(Sleeve length)
L - 56cm(Chest width), 75cm(Shirt length), 26cm(Arm length), 23cm(Sleeve length)
XL - 56cm(Chest width), 78cm(Shirt length), 27cm(Arm length), 26cm(Sleeve length)

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