Huatmate Condensed Milk Adult Mask


With mandatory mask rules in place, these masks help keep us safe without being boring! The design, inspired by one of the essential Kopitiam drink ingredients, Condensed Milk, adds a unique local twist to the mandatory masks we have to wear. We're sure it's going to be your cup of 'teh'~


Design: Condensed Milk

A long time ingredient commonly added to many local Singaporean drinks such as Milo or Tea, Condensed Milk is a sweet delight many enjoy. Unlike, it's unsweetened counterpart, evaporated milk, condensed milk adds a touch of sweetness and creamy, smooth milkiness to any cup of tea or coffee. 



Measurements & Specifications

- Washable and reusable mask

- 2 layers with a pocket for filter

- Each mask comes with 2 complimentary pieces of PM2.5 filters (effective in blocking the vast majority of airborne particulates)

- Adjustable straps


Size: 22.5cm X 15cm

Material: 100% Twill Polyester

Printing: Digital


Care Instructions:

- Wash right after removing from package before use

- After every use, hand wash with hot soapy water and scrub for at least 20 seconds or in the washer with hot water

- Air dry or place in the the dryer on high setting

- Store clean mask in a zip-lock when not in use

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