Huatmate Condensed Milk Adult Mask


Product Code: 5-L1-H4

With mandatory mask rules in place, these masks help keep us safe without being boring! The design, inspired by one of the essential Kopitiam drink ingredients, Condensed Milk, adds a unique local twist to the mandatory masks we have to wear. We're sure it's going to be your cup of 'teh'~


Design: Condensed Milk

A long time ingredient commonly added to many local Singaporean drinks such as Milo or Tea, Condensed Milk is a sweet delight many enjoy. Unlike, it's unsweetened counterpart, evaporated milk, condensed milk adds a touch of sweetness and creamy, smooth milkiness to any cup of tea or coffee. 



Measurements & Specifications

- Washable and reusable mask

- 2 layers with a pocket for filter

- Each mask comes with 2 complimentary pieces of PM2.5 filters (effective in blocking the vast majority of airborne particulates)

- Adjustable straps


Size: 22.5cm X 15cm

Material: 100% Twill Polyester

Printing: Digital


Care Instructions:

- Wash right after removing from package before use

- After every use, hand wash with hot soapy water and scrub for at least 20 seconds or in the washer with hot water

- Air dry or place in the the dryer on high setting

- Store clean mask in a zip-lock when not in use

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