Ice Cream Sandwich Poster


Design: Ice Cream Sandwich

“Ring ring ring!” Remember hearing the familiar ice cream bell and running down to our HDB carparks to buy our favourite ice cream sandwiches? From basic flavours like vanilla and chocolate to unique flavours like yam, durian and blueberry ripple, these ice cream sandwiches are our saviours from the heat. At only $1 (inflated to $1.20-$1.40 today), we’d even get to choose how we’d like the ice cream to be served. From colourful bread to biscuits, cones and cups, these ice cream sandwiches are worth every cent they cost.


Measurements & Specifications

Material: 200gsm Uncoated Paper

A3: 29.7cm × 42cm
A4: 21cm by 29.7cm

*Product colour may slightly vary due to different monitor settings. 


NOTE: A3 Posters can only be shipped out via Registered Mail or Self-collection.

Normal mail is unavailable due to this product's size. 


Designed by Wheniwasfour

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